5 Things You Must Do Before Quitting Your Day Job

  • June 18, 2014

I can’t go back to having a regular job. Sure, entrepreneurship has its up and downs, but it’s addicting and never boring. Most importantly, it’s about fulfilling your own potential, creating solutions to problems, and making the world a better place. In the last 5-10 years, with the advent of companies like…


5 Best eCommerce Role Models

  • December 13, 2013

The Internet has created a new world with seeming infinite potential for commercial endeavors. However, business models for ecommerce differ from traditional practices. Five ecommerce companies, though, have hit upon winning practices that can serve as role models for new startups and established…

More – Single Feedback Score

  • September 21, 2011

TrustRank.meFor those who have the time, buying items online is just perfect. They can browse Etsy, Artfire, eBay and all the main ecommerce sites of the day until they find nothing but the best bargains. But the situation is not really that advantageous for retailers, who end up having a different profile on each and every marketplace they intend to sell their products on. Each of these profiles is coming with a feedback score of its own. To buyers, someone can be a power seller on eBay and a virtual unknown on a site like Etsy if going solely by the feedback that they have amassed. The only way retailers have of proving they are indeed reputable is by including a link on these items they are listing, directing buyers to the profiles they have on other ecommerce platforms.

Well, that’s set to change now. TrustRank is a new service that unifies all the different feedback scores users might have, and provides them with a widget for displaying their newly-aggregated scores both on any listing they’ve created and on their online storefronts. That should be enough for prospective buyers to know who they’re going to be dealing with, and to remedy something that’s been such a source of concern for retailers as not being directly able to prove how reputable they really are. Cool service – check it out.

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More – Handmade Goods Management

  • July 7, 2011

Craftybase.comIf you deal in handmade goods, then this is a site you can but find worthy of your time. Named Craftybase, it lets you keep track of all that you make, and determine both your incomings and outgoings. Craftybase empowers people like you to figure out how much each item that you manufacture actually costs, and how much of an income is being generated whenever you make an actual transaction.

Besides, using Craftybase it is very easy to realize when your stock levels are running perilously low. The application itself is making sure you know all about it, and put you in track so that you can begin producing additional goods to cover any eventual demand.

All that is achievable directly from your browser, using a neat interface that has the enormous advantage of being accessible from just any location where you can connect to the Internet. And the fact that Etsy support is provided means data can be imported and immediately used on Craftybase. Your sales, your listings, your transactions… it can all be imported without batting an eyelid.

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More – Etsy Signatures For Emails

  • March 28, 2011

Etsync.comIf you are looking for ways to bring more people to your Etsy profile and begin having a more salient professional profile, then a service such as this one is as good a starting point as any other. It is not that the service provided on Etsync is groundbreaking or revolutionary. Far from it – the site lets you do something which is pretty basic. Yet, it is something really useful in itself.

Users of Etsync are enabled to come up with a signature to be displayed on their emails, blogs and sites. The actual appearance of this signature (and the content to be displayed there) changes greatly from one context to another, but in general it can be said that any signature created using Etsync will come with the avatar and username the person has on Etsy, part of his biographical information and (in the event the person is trying to promote his online store) some information connected to his latest listings.

I think you will agree that this is nothing radically new, but it sure is effective. Any form of promotion this direct always is. More views equal more sales, and that equation is not changing anytime soon.

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More – A Better Way To Shop Online

  • November 29, 2010

Glancely.comSites that make for more effective shopping are the order of the day, really. But there is no reason to start complaining as long as they are as neat as this one.

Glancely provides both instant and visual search results from listings that are found on Etsy and related eCommerce destinations. That is, if you look any item through Glancely you are going to see results as you are typing away, and you will also get to see images of these very same results.

And quite a few filters can be applied to any search that you are carrying out through the site. As it stands right now, Glancely lets you sort items by price, and also filter them by color in order to find something suitable, both in terms of style and affordability.

By the looks of it, coming up with good presents this Christmas is going to be an absolute piece of cake…

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More – A New Way To Do Online Transactions

  • June 16, 2010

SellSimp.lySell Simply is a new eCommerce platform aiming to combine some of the best features of sites like eBay, Etsy and Craiglist in the most user-friendly way of all.

On the site, sellers are provided with what is called a “Simple Shop” in which they can list these items that they intend to dispose of.

Shoppers can find these items by executing searches by keyword, price range, tag and location. Moreover, shoppers use their Twitter accounts in order to interact with sellers and find suitable items. In practice, this means that they can “follow” searches and even receive direct messages when an item that matches their search criteria becomes available.

When such a match is found, shoppers can bid in a way not that removed from placing a bid on eBay. The one difference is that on this site they can “follow” these offers that they have made and be alerted when their offer has been accepted, or when they have been outbid through direct messages.

For its part, sellers can accept the offers made by buyers at any time, and transactions are completed using PayPal.

As you can see, the whole platform lives up to its name thanks in no small part to the ability to control everything using a twitter account. This eliminates the tediousness of sending emails back and forth, and the possibility to follow both items and bids just makes it all even suppler.

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More – Like Etsy But With A Green Touch

  • February 2, 2010

Eco3p.comEco3P is nothing more and nothing less than an online “green” goods marketplace. If you think of Etsy and paint it green all over then you will grasp its essence satisfactorily enough.

Its aim is to make environmental & socially positive products accessible for everybody. At Eco3p, then, consumers can discover the latest eco-friendly products and share these among themselves while they buy directly from sellers that contribute to a sustainable planet.

The main list of categories touches upon items such as “Home & Garden”, “Electronics, “Pet Products”, “Automotive”… it is the kind of list that you can see in most online marketplaces. There is even a “Services” category in which you can get in touch with people who observe sustainability above everything else.

Nobody can really look away from the state of disrepair that the world is in today. And nobody should shirk his responsibility either. This site will not save the world overnight, but it is a more than positive contribution to the cause, and by shopping through it you will be capable of start making a difference.

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Being Fat Is Not A Sin At All –

  • August 4, 2009

Being Fat Is Not A Sin At AllQuite an interesting blog created and brought to you by an author that shares with the reader her life’s experiences in a very peculiar, fun, and smart way. In fact, this blog belongs to a woman who tries to let the world know that fat people are as cool as any other people.

One of the main ideas you will find on this blog is the intention to change the society’s standards of beauty, in order to make it fair for everybody.

If you are against the oppression and cruelty of the dominant social archetypes regarding what it is accepted as a satisfactory body image is the blog you should stop by in order to find interesting information with sources for acceptance for people’s own bodies and for the bodies of others. Being Fat Is Not A Sin At All

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