More – Recruit Users For Conducting Tests

  • February 22, 2010

Ethnio.comEthnio is a system that might come in more than handy the next time you need to test any website of yours. Basically, it will let you get the job done without having to either pay an inordinate amount of money by resorting to a recruiting agency, nor having to wait for ages for the results to arrive.

The way Ethnio works is simple enough. You just have to specify the site that you want to have tested, and then customize your own screener. Once the necessary participants have been recruited, you schedule the test through Ethnio and then carry it out. Alternatively, you can contact the testers if what you want to is to implement a live-intercepting test.

The site itself is very concise when it comes to explaining how to motivate people to take part of a test, how to come up with an alluring screener, and how to deal with fakers and those who just don’t understand what the test process entails, and think that doing the test is just filling the screener and sitting back with their arms folded.

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