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  • June 27, 2008

XSharesAdvisors.comXSharesAdvisors LLC is an investment advisor and sponsor of US listed ETFs or exchange trades funds. Basically, these are likes stocks or bonds traded on the stock market; they’re attractive for their low costs and tax like qualities.

They act much like mutual funds as well as closed-end funds. XShares funds include Adelante Shares Real Estate, HealthShares, and TDAX Independence. XShares offers new investors guidelines, tips and advice about getting into the ETF market. They also provide news about the ETF funds they sponsor, along with important facts and updates. There’s an mini investment hand guide and users can also call in to talk to XShares live advisors. Should you have any questions, the XShares advisors are there for you whenever you need. Users can also download materials about the ETFs offered by the company or they can search the site to find exactly what they’re looking for. There is of course, risk in any investment, but XShares will help you throughout the process.

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