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  • October 18, 2011

Jemstep.comIt’s interesting to see how something which has always been so tricky as realizing where to invest your hard-earned money could become so accessible and crystal clear as it has now become thanks to Jemstep. This startup does such a thing by evaluating more than 20,000 funds and providing users with understandable guidance, based both on their objectives and on their actual situation. Jemstep can then be used in order to track all of one’s assessment over time, and realizing how close one is to his financial goals.

Furthermore, if you decide to use this site know that Jemstep can monitor the ways in which the market changes in relation to your own situation, and advise you on what to do at all times. Jemstep is anything but a passive tool that you use just once to get some initial guidance. No, it’s a truly interactive tool that keeps an eye on your own portfolio through thick and thin, and that can guide you all the way to your financial goals.

Interested in knowing more? You can get started for free, simply sign up for an account by following this link, and start customizing everything.

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More – Smart ETF Investments

  • August 7, 2011

FundApex.comA visit to this site is mandatory if you’re looking for ways to make your ETF investment performance start picking up some true pace. FundApex can analyze years and years of historical data along with the current momentum of over one thousand of the most traded ETFs in order to advise you on what would be the soundest investment decisions. To all effects, FundApex is here to provide casual investors with the kind of guidance that was previously privative to those who could hire professional help in order to learn where and when to invest. FundApex takes momentum investment, and turns it into something which can be understood and assimilated by just anybody.

Registration to the service itself comes at no cost, and upon having created an account you can proceed to set up your ETF investment watchlist and portfolio goals. FundApex will then start to screen the current state of the ETF momentum, and based on that (and the goals that have been set down) it will recommend the best possible ETFs to invest in. This monitoring process takes place 24/7, and alerts are automatically sent whenever truly good chances materialize.

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More – Investing Made Easy

  • May 12, 2009

MarketRiders.comInvestment is something many people have more than a passing interest in, and owing to the difficulties such an endeavor poses to the layman it never goes beyond that point: something interesting that the person would like to try, but which is never tried at all.

Those who do try their hands at it, though, do what is only natural – resort to a CPA.

The people responsible for this startup claim that such a movement is wrong since these advisor professionals are depriving them from true control over their investments.

The product they have devised to address this shortcoming is named E.Adviser, and it basically lets anybody invest using a method named asset allocation. The software compares and contrasts six different key asset classes, and it also sends periodic alerts to the user for rebalancing purposes.

Moreover, the main page includes a calculator that will let you see how fees affect your returns over time, whereas a blog is provided for additional guidance and insight. All in all, this site is an interesting one, and I bet many will find the basic premise worth delving upon. A free 30-day-trial is provided as well for those wanting to put the system to the task.

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More – Stock Market Tools

  • May 12, 2008

Proshares.comIf you are looking into working with stock market shares, you should look into

This site provides users with a wide variety of tools designed to help them make the most out of their stock trades. They specialize in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which will allow you to handle all your stocks in a simpler way. Once you sign up, you will have access to software that is designed to help you make the most out of your stock trades. Signing up is easy, and you should be up and running in to time at all. If you want to stay up to date with everything going on in the major stock markets around the world, is a great way to do so. They will give you all the information you need to get the most money out of your stock market investments. Visit to get more information on their stock market software.

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