More – Where The Lowest Unique Bid Wins

  • September 29, 2008

eSuga.comThe odds of winning a lottery can be as bad as one chance in several million against you winning the major prize. With eSuga.

com however, you have odds as great as 1 chance in 60 of winning an auction. is a unique and fresh way to win items at auction for a fraction of their retail value. The winner of each auction is not necessarily the highest or lowest bidder, just the lowest Unique bid (no one else has bid the same amount). The maximum amount anyone can bid to win the auction is the max bid price which is pre-set for each auction. allows moms and dads the opportunity to pick up houses, cars, LCD TVs, PS3s, and even $50,000 worth of bills paid, or $100,000 paid directly off your mortgage at a fraction of their value. also has it’s own established affiliate system, in which affiliates earn 25% from the bidding fees for life for each new customer they refer. With new products, services, and other prizes being added regularly to enhance the customer’s experience, is making sure that they have products to suit each and every visitor.

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