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  • March 18, 2012

Uberessays.comShould you want to take your education a step further and apply for a master course at any university, you will be asked to write an essay as part of your application. It seems quite simple, but don’t forget that others will be applying too, and the institution will have to choose some candidates and leave others out. So some help wouldn’t come amiss. And for this, you can turn to

The site brings together applicants and students who are already taking courses in a given school and have gone through the application process successfully. In this way, those who are already studying at some school can review the essays written by those who want to get into the same institution. is a platform where both parties can connect and benefit from each other. Reviewers are selected according to their academic background and work experience, so the applicants can be assured of getting serious reviews for their application essays.

Besides, if you are an applicant your identity will never be disclosed to the reviewer, so your privacy is guaranteed. When the price of a reviewer convinces you, you will be asked to pay and then upload your essay. The site will send it to reviewers, and they will give you the feedback on your text.

Reviewers must submit a Paypal e-mail address to receive their payments, but registration is quite straightforward because relies on LinkedIn profiles to make the process easier.

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  • December 12, 2011

UnemployedProfessors.comThese unreasonable college professors, making you stay indoors all through the weekend, working on these insanely-tricky term papers… it’d be terrific if you could get a person with the same qualifications as your professors to get any paper done. A person with a comparable knowledge might as well make your professors scratch their chins when correcting your papers. Ha. Make them take twice as long to get the job done. That’ll show them what it feels like having to stay inside, working all around the clock. And that’s exactly what this new service is all about. lets you hire the services of writers that hold advanced graduate degrees. Or (to put it in even clearer words) people who think like any of your professors do. They know how they’d write the papers themselves.

The way the site works, you just have to create a listing for the members of the Unemployed Professors team to bid on it. You’ll be able to check their profiles, so that picking the one who is more knowledgeable is always really simple. Once your mind’s made up and you’ve chosen one, you’ll pay him through the site, and get a copy of your paper to print and submit to your professor with an impish grin on your face.

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  • December 9, 2011

ProfEssays.comIt can’t be helped. No matter how hard you exert yourself, way too often you just don’t have the time to write that essay for your History class, or that research paper that your science teacher demands you turn in by the end of the next week. It’s got nothing to do with being irresponsible, you just can’t find the time to write it down. And you don’t want to resort to any kind of foul play. What can you do?

Well, hiring the services of a company like this one would be a good way out of trouble. ProfEssays lets you enlist quality writers to do the job for you. You can hire professionals to write not only essays and papers of all kind but also dissertations and even theses. The process is always similar, with you having to make it clear what you want the ProfEssays team to write, and then supplying information like how many words you need your piece to have. A calculator will let you figure exactly how much everything would cost you, and how long would it take for it to be ready. It goes without saying that what you’re getting is an original piece, that’s been created exclusively for you. The company prides on its team of highly creative writers, and it abides by a strict no-plagiarism policy.

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  • February 10, 2010

Monografias.comThis is a site that will be usable to those among you who speak either Spanish or Portuguese, as these two are the only languages that are supported. The ones of you who can speak either, though, are in for a real treat since this website must be one of the most comprehensive educational resources on the WWW today.

Some of the featured materials include essays, theses and mostly all kinds of printed materials on topics that range as far and wide as possible. Business, Anatomy, Literature, Law, Chemistry, Religion… these are just a handful that I picked almost at random. If you do pay the site a visit, the chances of you finding enough to read when it comes to any topic whatsoever are more than high. And the featured forums will let you take interaction to another level altogether.

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More – For History Lovers And Pros

  • July 8, 2008

ThenAgain.comIf there is one thing I hate more than sites which are poorly fit to run on explorers other than IE, is sites whose links don’t work, and this is one such case, though it is clear that the person keeping it was doing something probably more interesting than programming his site, as is home for a variety of history articles, essays and information on world history on different levels: dissertations, PowerPoint presentations for college and elementary education, and also primary sources and a glossary of terms and methodological guidelines to create a research paper which will come in handy for all audiences.

If you are looking for quick reference guides and chronologies, probably the best way to go in the site is the WebChron area, where world history is broken down into different regions and topics (including arts, philosophy and technology), and a detailed timeline of the most relevant aspects and landmarks are presented, and biographies of relevant people are provided as well.

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  • July 2, 2008

EssayNotes.comIf you can not find enough current, scholarly journal articles on your essay topic, or unsure how to narrow down your thesis, or can not find enough supporting material, this website was made for you. EssayNotes.

com can help you with unlimited number of sample for your essays and term papers. With more than 370,000 term papers, book reports, and cliff notes, is the biggest online library for students. In their premium database you may find high quality research papers on any topic or subject. All you have to do in order to access to premium database and download unlimited number of documents is register for a small fee. Once you receive your login and password you can immediately access the database. The registered users may download unlimited number of essays, term paper, and cliff notes. Though, you should note that you are not allowed to share a password with friends.

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More – Essay Writing Resources

  • June 25, 2008

Free-essays-free-essays.comAre you a student at high school or college that is struggling to source high quality information for an essay, term paper or piece of research? If the answer is yes and you would like some high quality material to reference in your studies then you might like to take a look at a web site that is called

com. This web site contains a massive directory of essays that you can read to take guidance and inspiration from. The web site contains more than twenty thousand essays on a range of different subjects so you are sure to find what you need. The web site also provides a professional essay writing service should you need any help in that department, they offer this service at an affordable rate and promise timely delivery. The web site is well designed with a simple lay out, it offers a handy search facility to help you find the information you need quickly.

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  • June 9, 2008 is the premier admissions consulting and application essay editing service, helping you to write right, save time and distinguish yourself; you can explore the catalog of services, where you will find the accepted advantage, MBA services, medical services, law services, grad services, college services, resume services and service request categories.

Once you select the desired degree, you should choose the service that best meets your needs from the listed options, and you can navigate the critical and difficult application process with the helping and experienced admissions professionals. You will be able to find all the different sections, which divide the different degrees, and by selecting any of them, you will find all the different services available, where you can also find advice, bookstore, school zones, feedback, forums, podcast, and links of interest. Besides the different services offered, you can also find invaluable advice that will help you get accepted, application essay samples, and tips for writers of letters of recommendation, feedback database and advice within every section.

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  • June 8, 2008

EmersonCentral.comThis site is the way to go if you need or want to know who Ralph Waldo Emerson was and what he wrote, as it hosts his complete works for you to read at leisure or for study purposes; there’s also lots of information on the biography of this poet, essayist and philosopher, but it’s presented as a whole separate section instead of providing a brief overview of the time of life a certain work was written or how it relates to other works by the same author; I reckon integrating this information to the works in themselves would be very useful for those who are only starting to know his oeuvre, and could be easily fixed by providing links to the biography area in the page for each book or collection of essays or poems. The texts are in HTML format, and broken up in individual sections; for instance, if you are interested in a book of his poems, you’ll find each poem separately, which in turn means that you’ll have to go back and forth several times to read the whole work.

Also, the site lacks easy printing options and doesn’t carry the works in PDF format, which would come in very handy. Still, the site is very useful, and even provides one of those links to help users preparing an academic paper to cite adequately.

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More – Get More And Pay Less

  • May 30, 2008 is a large online document database.

Therefore, it claims to be the high school/college student’s best friends. If you are looking for help with your term paper, you have come to the right place. Essay Galaxy provides a large selection of essays and reports on a wide variety of topics. The site has over 50,000 essays available online, and the resources grow every month. While in other online providers you are usually charged over $10 per page for a paper, in you can get more for less. The site provide users with an incredible array of topics, from arts and movies to biographies, from health and medicine to religion. To access the complete list of essays you have to become a member. Check the “Join” section, where you can see the types, conditions, and prices of the subscriptions. You don’t need to be a business major to know that which is a better deal; get in, and see the results.

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  • May 17, 2008

FreeEssay.comAre you studying a specific subject and you would like to read opinions of other people? Would you like to publish an essay done and share it with other students that have the same interests as you? At you will find a large number of essays of many topics.

In the home page you will be able to read about and the reasons why they created this site, get in contact with them if you have any doubts, as well as having a look at the categories of essays which go from arts to business, literature and history among others. By selecting the category you are interested in, then you will have to select a topic from the list, and you will finally be able to have a look at the essays published about the topic you selected. In case you are interested in submitting an essay then you are able to do it by visiting the “donate” section at the home page and fulfilling some specific data about the essay. Share your point of view about a specific topic with others!

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  • April 30, 2008

Goodessaytopics.comAre you a student? Do you struggle every time your teacher, lecturer or professor tells you it is time to write an essay? Essay writing can be very difficult, and it is not always a case that a fresh idea or subject matter pop into your head and then you start writing, in fact, that is very rarely the case. If you would like some help and inspiration before you start writing you next essay, then don’t worry because there is help available for you from the internet.

You would be well advised to visit to see how they can help you. There resource offers you thought provoking and stimulating essay topics which will offer you choices and direction to get you started. The site is well designed and its user friendly format makes finding the inspiration you are looking for easily accessible. Check out this site today, and maybe you can improve your grades as well.

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  • April 30, 2008

Freeonlineresearchpapers.comThis site offers thousands of essays and papers to choose from. This site is an essay archive where you can get research papers, term papers, free essays, article summaries, book reports, book reviews, journal summaries and homework.

Maybe you should produce your own original material but this site for sure will give you ideas and provide you with the writing you needed. To search or have papers from this site you will need to create an account in which you will have to pay a fee. Also you can submit your own original work and obtain a membership for life also. So, in order to have access to the archive you will need to do this first. The frequently asked questions section is available for the general public in which you can learn more about this site by reading the questions that others have asked before you. Also contact information is available for any further question you might have.

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More – For History Lovers And Pros

  • April 27, 2008

ThenAgain.infoIf there is one thing I hate more than sites which are poorly fit to run on explorers other than IE, is sites whose links don’t work, and this is one such case, though it is clear that the person keeping it was doing something probably more interesting than programming his site, as is home for a variety of history articles, essays and information on world history on different levels: dissertations, PowerPoint presentations for college and elementary education, and also primary sources and a glossary of terms and methodological guidelines to create a research paper which will come in handy for all audiences.

If you are looking for quick reference guides and chronologies, probably the best way to go in the site is the WebChron area, where world history is broken down into different regions and topics (including arts, philosophy and technology), and a detailed timeline of the most relevant aspects and landmarks are presented, and biographies of relevant people are provided as well.

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  • March 11, 2008

CourseWork.infoAre deadlines chasing you? Still haven’t figured out a meaningful topic to write about in your college essay? Before you succumb to the temptation of having it custom-made by a ghost writer (leave that for your memoires), try to get some inspiration from the many study aids and guides the internet has to offer. CourseWork.

info is one of them: a huge database of papers and researches from the UK (highschool thru university levels), which you can skim around to get some inspiration and pave the way to your own paper. is not free: in order to take a look at the material available, you’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription, or even better: trade your existing essays to get limited-time access. Here’s how this site works: you can peruse around the different levels and subjects the site is organized into. Once you find a title that might be of interest, click to that, and you’ll see a 150-word summary plus an overview of the document (the print is too small to read, but at least you can check if there are any charts or diagrams); in order to get see it in full length or download a Word file of the work, you can pay for the subscription, or upload the papers you have written for school or university at some point in your life; these materials get reviewed by the site’s staff, and if they are ok (they carefully check for plagiarism), you get three days of access to the site per approved paper, so it’s a great way to start publishing your works and get an objective benefit from it.

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  • February 24, 2008

AntiEssays.comDo you want to learn how to write an essay? Are you looking for free essays online? Then, in case you are interested in getting a free research paper, you will find a good site to visit. This is the official website of Anti Essays, which was created to give people the chance to get free essays online. This site is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to writing essays for college.

Moreover, there are different benefits provided by when it comes to college essays. In addition, this site features essays and you can choose from many essay topics. What is more, the site lets you download a free research paper or a custom essay.

In conclusion, in case you are interested in learning how to write a research paper or how to write an essay, you will find a useful site to visit.

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  • February 24, 2008

Freeessays123.comIs your term paper due tomorrow and you haven’t started yet? And there is a party going on tonight that you are not planning to miss? Don’t you worry about it any longer, you can have both things. On the Free Essays web page you will find all kinds of different essays you can turn in, in order to get a good grade.

Some of the subjects you will be able to locate term papers on are law, biology, poetry, American history and related to any other class you might be taking. The only problem that this web page has is that is not as free as it claims. In order to gain access to any of the essays or book reports you will locate on this site you will have to pay a small monthly fee. But they also offer you a free of charge solution: if you submit your own original paper they will allow you to get one of theirs for free.

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More – Books and Literature Central

  • February 23, 2008 is a source for analysis, essays and articles on some of the most influential works of literature, written by the site’s staff and users using Triond, which in turn means that writers get royalties for their work.

The content you’ll be able to find in this site is similar in depth and kind of information to those you’d be able to find in study guides like Cliff’s notes or B&N’s Spark Notes, only less methodical. Since the site gives priority to each writer’s personal views, it is a good source to find topics for an essay, although that’s basically it. The truly interesting bit is that the scope of literary works and genres is quite ample, as users will be able to read pieces on Chinua Achebe’s novels, Shakespeare drama, Harper Lee, and even a ranking of the best writers of Children’s Fiction. If you are into literature, it could be a good idea to subscribe to this site’s RSS feed.

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More – Carnival of Little Magazines

  • February 23, 2008

LunaParkReview.comIf you ever been through a literature semester that was somehow related to the concept of avant-garde, you are probably very familiar with the notion that literary magazines and journals are regarded as art objects in themselves, a notion that Luna Park Review has built up as its editorial line. This only recently launched journal of literary magazines is distributing its first print edition since last week, and they introduced their website to go with it, which provides a service not unlike that of BookForum.

com, meaning daily updates of the articles, essays, pieces of opinion, blog posts, and other bits and pieces of interesting information or musings the internet has to offer, only it seems to focus a bit more in literary issues, graphic arts material and literary magazines, it’s true raison d’etre. The site presents these links without commenting on them, and generally next to other vaguely related, so that in general each day is a bit of an in-depth report on some random topic, examples of which are the posts Heroes of Literature (covering Superman, Richard Ford, and some groundbreaking literary magazines) or the one on Roberto Bolaño’s works.

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  • February 7, 2008 you are a student in need of writing help or essay editing services,this is the right place,here you can find help writing: Scholarship Essays,Academic Essays , Admission Essays to get into medical ,law and bussines shool. Many of the staff graduated from Harvard University.

You can use this site for research and reference purposes , they will help you learn how to write an essay using study guides on literature , plays, poetry, films and all authors.And if you are preparing for College they have some advice on finding the right one. GradeSaver offers Student Loans to pay for college and graduate school, students can receive their student loan in about a week..Renember this is not a free service

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