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  • July 19, 2007

Gotfrag.comAre you a devoted fan of online gaming? Interested in competitive gaming? Want to keep track on the latest news and developments of Counter Strike, World of Warcraft, and Day of Defeat? If so, this is the right place for you. GotFrag is the place to get the latest and greatest eSports news.

eSports? Yes, eSports is competitive computer gaming. It grew out of a community of gamers who wanted regular competition and the chance to challenge themselves and each other to a great game. GotFrag provides not just the latest in game coverage, but also the best in community news and forums. Among its offerings you’ll find Prime (a premium content subscription service), GameSense (a statistical database for eSports), and the GotFrag Scoreboard (a convenient calendar of all upcoming matches). In addition, the GotGear store offers gamers the best pro-gaming gear, such as mice, mouse pads, headphones, keyboards, etc. They’ve also launched DPAD, which focuses on covering competitive console gaming, as games like Halo have pushed competitive console gaming to a new level. DPAD also offers reviews and previews of upcoming console titles to prepare readers for what could be the next great competitive game. GotFrag Hardware also provides hardware reviews with the gamer in mind, focusing on the most important aspects of a peripheral to a hardcore gamer. Interested in becoming part of this thriving community? Getting your Prime account is quick and easy, and it costs as little as $3 a month. Prime members have access to a world of new content with no ads on any page.

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