More – Like eBay But Entirely Free

  • June 8, 2010

EsellOnline.comEsell Online is defined by the team behind it as an online bargain shopping mall with thousands of online auctions at bargain prices. It intends to become an alternative to sites like eBay, and let people carry out transactions without having to incur into unreasonable costs for doing so.

There are about 40 different categories for you to choose from, and these include “Entertainment”, “Clothing, Shoes & Accessories” and “Health & Beauty” along with others like “Art”, “Books” and “Pottery Glass”… if what you want is not listed on the site then you must have some exquisite tastes indeed. And that is all the more true if we bear in mind that the site does have a “Collectibles” category for the listing of rare, hard-to-find items.

I think – nay, I know – that you have tried eBay at least once during your lifetime. You will have no problem looking anything up and finding it, or posting an ad of your very own here. After all, there are no fees of any kind to be paid.

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