Geek Humor Taken To The Limit –

  • August 14, 2009

Geek Humor Taken To The LimitThe tagline of this online resource is “Geek Humor Gone Wild”, and if you couple it with its title (“eSarcasm”)· you will realize what is in store right here. Basically, the whole blog is devoted to acid pieces that any person who is keen on the Internet and technology will enjoy greatly.

In actuality, the postings can be enjoyed by mostly anybody who has a good inkling of current events, but if you are computer-literate you are going to make the best out of it.

For instance,when I paid it a visit a very entertaining posting about the new line of Britney’s Facebook gifts was thoroughly discussed, while another one named “22 Reasons Why Twitter Crashed” was included and it was an irreverent piece of journalism as funny as it was engaging. Note that the language is not what you would necessarily call toned down – there is nothing really blasphemous, but if you are a sensitive person you might like to look elsewhere. Geek Humor Taken To The Limit

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