More – A Database Of Errors & Bugs

  • June 3, 2010

ErrorHelp.comWe all know that software failures are commonplace, but that does not make them any less frustrating – especially when one such failure resets the computer and we lose the best part of a day’s job. As such, we should be grateful that sites like Error Help exist.

Basically, the site could be termed a user-powered database of errors and bugs. People report any bug that they encounter and then these are analyzed and discussed by members of the community that know where they stand in terms of coding and design. The idea is to arrive at some sort of conclusion so that people who look up that bug from that point onwards will know exactly why the computer crashed, and how to prevent that from happening in the future.

Solved errors are searchable right from the main page, too – simply click on the link that goes by the pertinent name.

Moreover, a wide range of tools are featured in a bid to make dealing with errors easier. These include both extensions and search bars that will let you search the site from wherever you are.

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