Aibase.com – A Creative Data Manager

  • November 6, 2007

Aibase.comAibase is more than a mind mapping service, it´s true intention is to provide users with tools and features that not only outline ideas in a visual sense, but also encourage efficient problem solving. The idea is that putting all ideas and information in a logical format will offer users a place to store their short-term memories and let the brain work on building upon these ideas instead of re-running the known facts over and over again.

The program clutters related information and connects it with colorful links and notes. Features such as speedy navigation, automatic document-creation and single-key operations also serve the previously mentioned goal of productivity. Unlike other mapping services, Aibase encourages users to put information into many different formats, not only webs. For example, ideas can be arranged into trees (collapsible), tables, shapes, equations, animations and hyperlinks. The developer´s main goal is to give users a chance to “explore knowledge multiple times more efficient than with traditional methods and ….understand complex or unknown knowledge worlds.”

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