eoMOB.com – Answers For Mobile Developers

  • June 16, 2011

eoMOB.comGive this site a try if you are just getting your feet dipped on something as complex as mobile development. Here you are bound to find all the guidance and advice that you could need in order to accelerate your learning process to no end. You will be saved from having to make all the obvious mistakes developers always make, and then chalking things down to experience. This questions and answers site will let you learn from the mistakes that others have made, and end up having the very same knowledge they have.

On eoMOb, you can post and read these questions that other mobile developers have asked. The site follows exactly the same pattern that is followed by other Q & A resources, which is just right – that is what proves to work out in the end. Users can see all the latest questions that have been asked, along with ones that have been answered more recently. And the ones that have merited the most attention and garnered the most responses are also viewable at once.

That is basically it. The site is pretty specific in itself, and while some might think that can be an actual barrier I think that it can make it successful and effective. I mean, people who turn to it will always know exactly what they are getting.

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