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Tele.dk – Environmental Report

  • February 8, 2008

Tele.dkWith 7.8 million customer relations in Denmark alone, TDC is a large company which cannot avoid making an impact on the environment.

The company work specifically with recycling and energy reduction for the benefit of the environment.In 2006, TDC reduced its fuel consumption by approx. 350,000 litres in relation to 2005. What is more, they also implemented a number of energy-saving initiatives, which have limited the growth in TDC’s CO2 emissions by more than 1,000 tons. Moreover, transport can be limited by using TDC’s products to hold conference calls or web conferences instead of physical meetings. Also Energy consumption in buildings can be read and reduced by means of wireless mobile technology, and also material consumption can be reduced by using emails and e-bills. Some of the categories that are featured at the site profile, press, investor, people and society, market development, IT investments, environment and waste products. Tele.dk

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