Entri.co – Share Your Documents With Your Collaborators

  • September 14, 2010

Entri.coA tool that will be greatly appreciated by bloggers, Entri can be used to share documents and notes that they have jot down with the ones who are meant to read the final post, and get their feedback in real time.

This means that if you are a blogger you can let your readers participate in the creative process by sharing your half-baked articles with them.

It would be something comparable to the ultimate form of bonding with them – your readers will be able to comment on content that isn’t yet published. You couldn’t find a better way to make them feel they are an integral part of your blog if you tried.

A tool like Entri can also be put to other uses, of course. Teams who are distributed will be able to share feedback on any report that they have to write using it, and the same goes for students that are collaborating on assignments over the WWW. Best of all, Entri is a free application. And no signup is required to create and share a document. If you’d like to take a closer look, just head to the site and create a note or two to see how everything works by yourself.

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