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KookyPlan.pbwiki.com – A Wiki For Entrepreneurs

  • November 24, 2008

KookyPlan.pbwiki.comThose who are looking for information such as strategy theories and management skills along with practical financial applications are certain to find this website useful. Broadly speaking, KookPlan is a wiki for entrepreneurs that anyone can edit and make a contribution to.

The objective of this site is to create a database that can be resorted to by any individual who is hoping to leave his or her mark, as well as forming a community where entrepreneurs can collaborate in the creation of the ultimate guide for startups. In this sense, it can be said that KookyPlan is a community-generated guide for starting up innovative companies.

The site itself features a table of contents that touches upon the points that were mentioned above, alongside others such as funding and human talent. What’s more, there is a section named “Tech trends to watch” that will give anybody a good umbrella knowledge of where is the industry headed to, and act in consequence. Some of these include “Blogging as a business” and “Convergence of Internet and television”.

Lastly, different business models are discussed on the site, and the aspects that should be avoided are brought into consideration along with the risks at play, while the essence of how they make money is explained in clear terms.

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