EntreWiki.com – Money Making Ideas

  • November 20, 2007

EntreWiki.comEntreWiki.com is a brand new Online Money Making Magazine filled with Money Making Advertisements from businesses that sell Money Making Ideas such as Coin Machines, Franchises, Online Money Making Ideas, and any businesses that helps those businesses.

There are several arguments why you might invest in EntreWiki.com. An Advertisement Page is only $100. Compare that to any National magazine about money and you will find that it’s a very low price. You get unlimited length of a Wiki Page measured by 915 pixels in width. There is no limit on how long the height of your Advertisement Page should be. Advertisement Prices will go up once the site starts filling up with Money Making Ideas from various different Money Making Businesses. What is a Wiki Page? A Wiki Page is a form of language used first by the largest online Encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia. They use the same software to run this site, meaning our site’s potential growth is almost as unlimited as Wikipedia. EntreWiki.com

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