EnterTheGroup.com – A New Way To Manage Group Projects

  • October 31, 2010

EnterTheGroup.comA service that has just been launched, Enter The Groups provides exactly what its name implies: a platform for the comprehensive management of group projects. As a platform, it is particularly suited to virtual classrooms. Yet, groups of any nature would benefit from it. Any number of individuals that have to coordinate their activities and collaborate to achieve a common goal will do.

Using this website, a virtual space where users can meet and communicate to the full can be built. They can discuss what needs to be done, and once they have individualized all the tasks that lie ahead they can proceed to have them tackled one by one. Using Enter The Group it is very easy to know who is working on what, and avoid any kind of overlapping.

And Enter The Group is a free application. A group can be created at no cost, and it can likewise be managed free of charge. People can come, people can go? at no point will you (as the one who has created it) have to pay anything.

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