Stagee Puts Performers In The Social Limelight

  • September 18, 2012

I’ve played Madison Square Garden at least 300 times as the lead singer of a rock band. There’s nothing like the crowd singing along to one of my tunes and blowin’ the roof off that building. The only problem with my gigs at MSG is that they’ve all taken place in my imagination, in the shower. Stagee…


Ananmanan.com – A Little Bit of Everything

  • August 26, 2012

There are sites all over the place that specialize in just one thing, but not ananmanan.com. This site has everything that anyone would need to fulfil their online appetite. Not everyone has a gaggle of friends that they can hang out with whenever they please, that is why the chat room at Ananmanan is so popular. You can go there and talk to people about whatever is on your mind. If chatting is not your cup of tea, maybe you would like to listen to some tunes and search the site for their lyrics so you can sing along. If those other web-based emails do not appeal to you, the email client used by ananmanan.com might be a bit more preferable.

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Ap7am.com – ap7am.com- Current Telugu news and events.

  • August 19, 2012

Anyone looking to keep up to date on Telugu news, ap7am.com is the site to go to. From political news, movies, finance and anything currently related to Telugu people, AP is your one place on the web to find anything that may interest you. AP was developed to be the main site for anyone to read up on current events and a place to share your views and opinions.

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Aol.fr – Do It Like The French

  • August 19, 2012

AOL is a very popular website all over the world, so if you would like to expand your horizons visit aol.fr. The site has everything that you may have come to expect from AOL. If you do not yet have an email address or if you are looking to pen an additional one, aol.fr has free emails. There is no reason to sit around with nothing to do when there are games you can play on AOL. The site gives you access to games that you can play online and downloadable games as well. Everything is not all fun and games, so if you want to wind down with something a bit more serious you can read articles on topics like finance and health.

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Applausestore.com – Make Sure to Enjoy the Show

  • August 19, 2012

Have you ever watched a television show and wondered how it would feel to be in the audience while it is being taped? If you have, applausestore.com has just the solution for you. They are one of the most reputable companies around that handle television tickets. The best thing about it is that the tickets at Applausestore are free and available on a first-come first-serve basis. This means that a struggling college student has just as much chance to attend a taping as a very successful surgeon does. While this is true, there may still be a time that you get to the show and there is nowhere for you to sit. In these cases you are issued VIP passes to come back at a later date.

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Am.com.mx – All The News For You

  • July 14, 2012

If you would like to keep up to date on the latest news make sure that you check out the site am.com.mx for your needs. There is all the best information on the website that will let you know what is going on around the world and right near you. The site is in Spanish but it can be translated to English if you would like. The paper is for the San Francisco, California area and is a great resource for you. When you go on the webpage you will also be able to get the links to like them of Facebook and follow them on Twitter. This is nice because so many people are into social media and if you have them as a like you will be able to get instant updates if something big is going on.

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DIY Bootstrapping Success For Comedian Louis CK With $1 Million In 10 Days

  • July 4, 2012

Louis C.K., comedian and entrepreneur, surprised fan and corporate distributors alike when in 2011 he announced that he was going to sell his comedy special “Live at the Beacon Theater” for $5 dollars via direct download on his website.Paying for the production and its posting online out of his own pocket, he was taking a risk that no other comedian had taken before.

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Highlight Mobile App – Electronic Coincidence May Find Your Cinderella

  • April 18, 2012

It’s a Friday night, you are bored to tears again. How could this happen?!

Where is everyone?


You stroll through your Facebook chat. Nada. You call your friend, but then realize that they just left for the weekend to see family. What will possibly save you from this dull and embarrassing misery? None other than Paul Davison and his nifty new lifesaver of an app, Highlight.

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WhatsNextUp.com – Fun Events And Activities

  • November 15, 2011

WhatsNextUp.comWhat’s Next Up is one of these cool sites that lets you find things to do based on the ones that you already like. This new service can bring together all these events that are going to take place close to wherever you live. Movie premieres, art exhibitions, poetry readings, music performances… it doesn’t matter what you’re into, this new entertainment aggregator can bring together all these events that could make your day.

For the sake of usefulness, the site splits everything into six main categories. They are “Music”, “Movies”, “TV”, “Sports”, “Books” and “Games”. And then, there’s a category which is named “My Events”, where you can see all these events that you’re interested in attending.

The aim of WhatsNextUp.com is clear: letting people become entertained without having to go from one site to the other, trying to learn what fun activities will be held close to where they are.

Signing up for a What’s Next Up account costs nothing, and having it personalized is done fast and intuitively. You simply have to start picking these things you like for the application to start working out your tastes. And you can also log in using your Google account, and skip the whole registration process.

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AETN.org – Arkansas Educational Television Network

  • November 12, 2011

AETN.orgThe website AETN.org is that of the Arkansas Educational Television Network is a simulcast network. It offers a network of public and educational stations which are affiliated to Arkansas PBS. The homepage or landing page of AETN.org is a collection of various small sections all put together to create a whole lot of information and content. Starting from the left side, the first section or box lists the programs that are airing on AETN currently. This list states the schedule for the entire day. Just beside this section is a section that contains the blog posts of AETN. The third section is called FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions and this section lists the queries that are commonly asked by the viewers of AETN and also the answers to the questions. The last section of the website features news pertaining to Arkansas.

Apart from these, you can also access general resources of the AETN.org website at the bottom of the web page. If you need to obtain the phone numbers and the email addresses of various departments of AETN, then you need to click on the “contact us” section. Contact details of the people working in the main office of AETN, the AETN foundation and various departments and divisions of the company are listed here.

If you have a question on your mind then you can ask them by sending them a personal message wherein you need to include details such as your name, city, state, email address, your contact number (optional) and your message. Once you are done filling in the required fields and entering the things that you want to ask them or inform them, you can go ahead and write the security key and press the submit button.

If you want a detailed AETN program schedule for a week or month instead of the one-day program schedule, that is located on the homepage, you can visit the program schedule section of AETN.org for a variety of options.


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AETN.com – TV Schedules And Shows

  • November 10, 2011

AETN.comThe website of A+E Networks may be found at AETN.com. A&E is a satellite and cable television network that is based in the United States. The AETN website offers a lot of details about the network including job opportunities. On arriving at the landing page of AETN.com the first thing that one would notice would be the A+E Networks logo which can be quite familiar for a lot of people who have some idea about the A&E network. But what about folks who are unfamiliar with the A&E network? Well, how about Criss Angel Mindfreak or Intervention and other popular hit series? Well these series are the signature works of the A&E network, which has more than six hundred and fifty employees currently.

The landing page of this website contains a video introduction, the duration of which is just seventeen seconds. On pressing the play button, the video will start playing. The AETN website also contains a declaration or a promise to change its looks sometime in the near future. On clicking the “Careers” tab on the website’s “menu bar,” users are taken to the webpage containing information pertaining to career options at A+E Networks. People who feel that they have a pioneering spirit and that they are very passionate about their work can apply for a job position at AETN.com. In order to apply, simply click on the “apply” button and you are good to go.

If you do meet the requirements for applying for a job with AETN then you might be interested in finding out about the pros of working with this network. The list of plus points of working with AETN can be found in the “benefits” section of the website. There is a “FAQs” section as well where one can view the questions related to jobs and other subjects which are usually asked by people concerning the AETN.com website.


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Affiliation.com – IGN Entertainment Online Media

  • November 10, 2011

Affiliation.comAs a global leader in game technology, digital distribution and media, IGN Entertainment’s website, Affiliation.com offers “everything guys enjoy” including entertainment and gaming. The Affiliation website offers premium entertainment and gaming content which attracts the 18 to 34 year old male market. They reach more than 40 million unique visitors with their website in Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In the United States, 1 in 4 men are engaged with the company’s websites such as AskMen and IGN.

The Affiliation website is powered by GameSpy Technology, a leader in connected gaming services and technology. GameSpy specializes in services created to enhance gameplay with extending the gaming experience. More than 700 game titles have used GameSpy Technology, and it is accessible on each and every gaming platform.

The folks at Affiliation.com are the ones who created FilePlanet and D2D (Direct2Drive), the popular digital distribution services. As one of the most often visited download sites for video games, FilePlanet provides free mod files, trailers, game demos, and game patches. D2D gives users access to the hottest premium anime titles, comics, PC games. Direct2Drive allows users to purchase these items and download them directly to their desktop. Since the site was first launched, users have downloaded over 1 million games.

The Affiliation website offers a variety of different pages for their website visitors, including a contact page and support portal. The IGN support page offers a variety of FAQs about their services and content as well as a “Known Issues” page where users may check on bugs and issues that the Affiliation.com team is currently working on. Other sections of Affiliation.com include advertising and agency information as well as developers and career pages.


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AdvRider.com – Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum

  • November 9, 2011

AdvRider.comAdvRider.com is a website which essentially features photographs and a forum. The AdvRider website is quite popular among those who like bikes and love to embark on an adventurous drive-down trip on their two-wheelers. Advrider.com has been created for the purpose of allowing all bikers or those who have a passion for bikes share things with fellow bikers around the world. Even if you do not like bikes, you just need to take a look at the pictures and you would be convinced or enticed to go to the website and to gather in-depth information about bikes and how you can go for an adventurous ride.

The name “AdvRider” actually stands for Adventure Rider. As an adventure rider, it might be useful to get yourself registered on the website and join in the posts made in the forum. As a lurker (or one who hasn’t signed up or registered yet), it might be possible to view the forum but if you want access to all of the features of the site and you want the services to be faster, then you should consider registering. You never know what good stuff you might pick up when you are simply reading posts or commenting on other people’s post on AdvRider.

If you love going to forums and engaging in opening a thread and encouraging discussions then it automatically becomes a daily haunt for you. This can be a useful habit if you can dig up a lot of useful tips and tricks which you can incorporate into your daily life.

Each of the threads or the posts in the AdvRider forum has its subject line, which is helpful since it is not possible to go through the entire forum single-handedly because there are way too many topics and people post new posts frequently. The subject lines can help you identify the ones that you would like to read. You can head over to Advrider.com to see first-hand what the craze is all about.


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Adventures.ca – Vacation Travel Planning Canada

  • November 9, 2011

Adventures.caThe Adventures.ca website offers comprehensive solution for those who are planning to have outdoor vacations in Canada. In fact when you visit the website you will be able to spot a small maple leaf icon beside the URL of the website as a further emphasis. Visiting Adventures.ca is quite an adventure in itself. You will be able to find a lot of adventurous options which you can choose from when it comes to going for an outdoor vacation. The Adventures website offers travel services including various adventurous and thrilling vacation options such as soft or mild adventures, active, winter, fishing, water and a host of other options. The adventure network of the website requires the help of experienced guides for the purpose of keeping the information of the website accurate and up-to-date.

In addition to offering different adventure options, the Adventures website also offers accommodation options, which are generally essential when one is going on an adventurous vacation. The website provides its users with different kinds of accommodation options such as guest ranches, resorts, lodges in the wilderness and other alternatives. The website can arrange for quality adventurous vacations for a wide range of budgets. Therefore, regardless of what your budget is, you can always try using the services of the website.

Planning an adventurous vacation is not a piece of cake, especially for those who are inexperienced in this matter. If that sounds like you, it would definitely be a good idea to rely on a website which has the potential to remove the guesswork and provide you with sure shot solutions, like Adventures.ca.

You can also opt for a complete itinerary planning service when you visit the Adventures website. If you are unsure of your decision, then you can check out the testimonials and pictures sections of the website in order to get a glimpse of the other customer’s holiday. One can also book for trips with the website as it does not cost anything extra. In other words, the Adventures.ca website does not change any kind of extra fees for their services.


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