Dipdive.com – An Online Lifestyle Engine

  • June 24, 2009

Dipdive.comDipdive is self-defined as a “Lifestyle Engine”. That is an interesting way of putting its essence across: it is a search and discovery engine that revolves around the things that matter to us in life such as causes, art, fashion and so forth.

Great emphasis is placed on the fact that Dipdive will not be just a framework where providers will push content indiscriminately. Its objective is to enhance the content experience itself and the way people access and enjoy it.

The true aim of Dipdive is to radically redefine the way that artists and fans connect and the interchange that ensues. The phrase that is employed online is “interactive and offline connectivity” – Dipdive intends to stand as a platform where trends are set and tastes are defined.

Artists and entertainers have realized that times have definitely changed, and that change was for good. Now they can express their creativity and engage their public into a democratic artistic process. Any true artist knows that the power lies with those who consume their art. They are doing more than that – they are helping him redefine his vision and reach new heights. And I feel this site might just provide them with more than enough building blocks to increment their creativity exponentially.

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