enStratus.com – Making Cloud Management Smooth

  • August 17, 2010

enStratus.comA company that is based on Minnesota, enStratus offers a comprehensive cloud management service for enterprises. It gives users extensive information on all the different cloud computing providers in the market today, in a bid to let them discover which combinations could best cover the actual needs of their companies.

By way of example, these are some of the covered services: Amazon Web Services, Cloud.com, Eucalyptus, Google, GoGrid, OpenStack and Rackspace.

When using this management platform, full security is provided by the encryption of the customer’s cloud environment – only those who have the relevant virtual keys (IE, managers) can access it.

EnStratus also provides a set of tools for managing cloud infrastructure, including financial controls for tracking spending across multiple accounts, and multiple billing currencies are supported. Besides, enStratus can let a company determine how much each department is using the virtualized environment and bill it for actual usage. This is fairer for everybody, in the end. And enStratus supports the Cloud Security Alliance and CloudAudit.

You can launch a demo for free and see how everything works in practice. The auto-scaling and auto-recovery capabilities of enStratus are highlighted along with the financial tools that were just mentioned.

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