Enomaly.com – Cloud Computing Services

  • October 6, 2008

Enomaly is a company that stands as purveyor of cloud computing services. Its corporate website provides a thorough overview of the services on offer, alongside comprehensive information on the company, its track record and its objectives.

The company’s calling card is its Elastic Computing Platform, a solution which allows businesses of every denomination to employ cloud computing technology to their advantage. The term “Cloud Computing” itself refers to the architecture of web based systems as we know them nowadays. A concept that goes hand in hand with this is that of Cloud Bursting, a process which couples the information available both in private data center resources and remote cloud resources.

This means that the company enables its users to bridge local and remote computing resources and use the provided information to their benefit.

The site also features a download section that includes a free Enomaly ECP Package which comes complete with installation scripts and the relevant modules and interface. For its part, a “Resources” section groups together a community forum and a collection of related documents such as installation manuals.

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