EnjoyEverywhere.com – Events All Over The World

  • January 21, 2010

EnjoyEverywhere.comSimply put, Enjoy Everywhere is a new online database of events spanning the whole world. It is actually self-defined as “the first multi-channel international project” providing a detailed overview about events and artistic activities from pole to pole.

Currently, 240 countries are supported and about 21,000 events are listed on the site simultaneously.

What the site does is to aggregate every slice of web content that is related to lifestyle and travel and present the information back to you by way of a Google Map that can be zoomed in and out at will.

Additionally, information on the best events in your close vicinity is provided in case you don’t really have that much time to spare and wish to have a quick overview of what is going on locally before going out.

The information which is provided on the site also has the distinctive advantage of coming complete with images and pictures. This means that if an activity that sounds like good fun is being held at a venue you know nothing about you can learn more about the premises without having to launch a separate search.

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