PhotoUpz.com – Remove People From Photos

  • December 10, 2011

PhotoUpz.comThere’s lots and lots of online tools for improving and enhancing photos. Sites like Pixenate, Splashup and Mugtug have always made it super-easy to turn any photo of yours into the kind to post on a site like Facebook or Flickr for all to see. Yet, even when there’s hundreds and hundreds of apps for having images edited right on your browser, there’s still a good couple of operations that are tricky to pull off. Take removing objects and /or people from any image, for example. Even by conservative standards, that’s something we’d willingly do to one out of three pictures that we take. And there’s no easy way to do it. Unless you turn to a service like PhotoUpz, that is.

PhotoUpz lets you edit any photo of yours in ways that are certainly powerful and different. An application that you must buy and download, it lets you remove people, objects and parts of the scenery from any photograph. You can remove tourists that are making faces in the background, you can take away that unglamorous hot dog stand that spoils that great photo with the love of your life… and come to it, you can remove your ex from any photo. You don’t want to bin the only photo you have at the Leaning Tower of Pisa just because “that” person is next to you. Using PhotoUpz, you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments until your image is usable again.

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EditPhotoOnline.net – Edit Your Photos Online

  • May 28, 2011

EditPhotoOnline.netNeed to edit a photo, and need to do it fast? Well, this service will let you get the job done, and at a price you will most likely be sure to afford: for free. Yes, that is right. Edit Photo Online is an Internet tool that can be used absolutely at no cost, and that can take care of fixing any photo of yours.

In order to use this application, all you have to do is to upload the image that you need to have edited via the provided web interface. This is very simple and straightforward – you are given the option to upload the photo straight from your computer, or (if it is already online) you can point Edit Photo Online to it. Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and Picasa are all supported services, so that is 99 % of the contexts where people host/share images online being already taken into consideration.

Once the picture has been uploaded, then you can proceed to use an online editor and make all the necessary adjustments until your image looks the way it should. You will be able to crop it, resize it, rotate it, decorate it, beautify it… lots and lots of effects are applicable.

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Incapsula.com – Optimize And Protect Your Site

  • May 5, 2011

Incapsula.comWith its ability to optimize and enhance just any site in a way that is both fast and cost-effective, Incapsula stands as one of these services that webmasters are bound to try out at one point or other in their lives.

Incapsula is an optimization service that can be used by any person who has a website and a domain. It can enhance its overall response time, and the way in which it handles files and data.

Incapsula can be used in a really straightforward way, as all that needs to be done is making a DNS change for the optimization process to be carried out. Nothing has to be downloaded or installed by users of Incapsula for the enhancement of their sites to be made effective. Plus, Incapsula protects all the sites that it optimizes, as webmasters are provided with a threat control dashboard for keeping everything in check.

A tiered approach to pricing means that both emerging and established webmasters will be able to use this service – Bronze, Silver and Gold plans are provided to meet the actual bandwidth needs of everybody. And a free plan is likewise provided.

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Glitter.im – Glitter Text For Your Profile

  • March 24, 2011

Glitter.imNowadays, there are more ways than one to have a spiffier social profile. There is a certain trend to let you do more with pictures – splitting them up, coloring them, using borders and backgrounds… the amount of applications for doing that on Facebook alone are endless. But no matter how far things are taken, there is something that is never going away: applying glitter effects to the actual texts within your profile.

And that is exactly what this new web tool lets you do. On this site, you will be allowed to choose a font and different glitter effects for an embed code to be generated. Upon pasting it on your profile, you will be unleashing the desired effect.

Revolutionary? Novel? Unique? Not really. But it is as useful as ever when it comes to telling the world that Edward Cullen is the cutest character in celluloid history. And it is completely free.

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Contapps.com – Have A More Useful Contact List

  • December 19, 2010

Contapps.comThis is one for those who have an Android phone. Contapps will give them a much neater way to handle their contacts, and interact with them. Those who get the application will be able to see the social activity of their contacts at a glance, as anything published on their feeds will be displayed by Contapps. This includes services like Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. And users of Contapps also get to learn about Foursquare check-ins and badges.

Besides, contacts can be googled in one click, and birthday reminders can be arranged. And quick buttons for calling contacts (or sending them a text message) are prominently featured.

That is an excellent range of services, and the best thing is that this application can be procured and used absolutely for free. Just click on the download link that is featured throughout the site in order to get your copy and start getting in touch with your friends in a really flexible way.

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FotoFuze.com – Enhance Your Photographs

  • December 19, 2010

FotoFuze.comFotoFuze is one of these services everybody loves, for the simple reason that it lets users do something that only those who have access to professional gear can do otherwise.

In essence, FotoFuze is a photo enhancement service. It will let you take any photograph that you have lying around, and process it in a technically-advanced way. FotoFuze will adjust the brightness, the contrast, the aspect ratio… In short: it will make the picture look as if a professional photographer had either taken it, or retouched it.

And this is great, if only because you will be able to generate quality images to go with any product that you want to list on eBay, or related eCommerce sites.

Speaking of which, you can use your Etsy account to authenticate who you are and start using FotoFuze. Alternatively, you can create a FortoFuze account in just a couple of steps. You are not going to be charged anything for doing that, and neither will you have to pay anything for using FotoFuze.

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MakeoverMachine.com – Enhance The Design Of Your Site

  • September 2, 2010

MakeoverMachine.comI know no webmaster that is 100 % satisfied with the current design of his site. They can have the most striking site on the face of the Web, and they are unhappy.

Just like a musician is always unhappy with any album he has released, and a painter is dissatisfied with his latest work. That happens because they all can see something that is not being translated into practice. In all three examples, the individuals know that they can do better. But the problem is how to channel that knowledge into something real.

Well, The Makeover Machine is a new application that might let webmasters move one step closer to having better design. You see, here they will be able to submit their sites and receive revamped designs in exchange. These will highlight the aspects that could be enhanced in order to make visitors actually become interested enough as to explore the sites on their own.

The services provided by The Makeover Machine are inexpensive. Yes, that’s right. You can have suggestions for how to improve your site for free. Provided you site is selected from the many that are submitted, that’s it. But it’s worth a try in any case.

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AccurateAppend.com – A Way To Enhance Marketing Lists

  • October 14, 2009

AccurateAppend.comBroadly speaking, Accurate Append is a tool that will empower you to take any marketing list you might have, and have it enhanced and updated. Initially, what the system does is to match the record that you have with data sources from all over the Web, and bolster your existing list in that way.

In addition to taking care of phone and e-mail appends, this system will enable you to enhance your leads by uploading any incomplete ones your might have and having them fortified with information such as address, phone number and geo-location data. Furthermore, a “People Search & Lookups” functionality will let you ensure that no potential customer is left out of the picture.

If you want to give this system a try, you can procure a free match report and then you will have the option of buying only the fields that you are interested in. I think we will agree that as a service Accurate Append is not only interesting and well-focused but also very practical. I can imagine many people who are in charge of marketing duties giving it a try at the very least.

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Sendpix.com – The Easy Way To Share

  • July 11, 2008

Sendpix.comThis site presents us with ACDSee, an application that will provide you a way in which you will be able to share images, organize and enhance your photos. Here you will be able to find all the information you need to know about this software and about what it has to offer.

In the Products section you can find information on the different products offered such as the ACDSee 10 Photo Manager, ACDSee Photo Editor and many more that you can use for work and also for professionals as well. Every product offered in this site has a photo of what it looks like, a description, all about its features, system requirements, tutorials and much more. You will be able to purchase the product that you like online and from the comfort of your own home if you wish to. If not, you can always download the trial version for free here as well. Sendpix.com

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MyWritingLab.com – Improve Your Writing Skills

  • June 22, 2008

MyWritingLab.comWorking 100% on the browser, MyWritingLab is a learning program aimed at developing writers. This web-based application can help them pen better texts not only by pointing out tips and strategies, but also by correcting and grading what they’ve written. That is, MyWritingLab works on two different levels: it tells users about all these strategies that would turn them into much better writers, and then it can go through these texts that they have composed, and score them.

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Aecom.com – Built, Natural & Social Environments

  • June 21, 2008

Aecom.comDo you work within the transportation, facilities, environmental or energy industries? Do you or your company feel that it is time to get some professional technical and management support from a leader within your particular industry? If the answer is yes then you might consider taking a look the range of services that are on offer from a company that are called AECOM. This company currently employs more than thirty five thousand employees and supports the needs of clients in more than sixty countries around the world.

To learn more about there local and global knowledge, innovation and technical excellence and ability to enhance and sustain the worlds built, natural and social environments to the highest level then you should consider taking a look at there web pages at www.aecom.com. There web site is much like the services they offer, professional, high quality and well presented. It offers its visitors all the information they could need if they are considering becoming one of AECOMs’ clients. Aecom.com

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eyeQ.tv – Read Faster and Enhance Your Memory

  • March 4, 2008

eyeQ.tvThis site is the official site for the popular eyeQ company, the one behind the product of the same name that claims to help ALL CUSTOMERS improve their reading speed from 2 to 10 times in only 12 sessions of 7 minutes each. In terms of design, besides looking absolutely stunning, the site is a real example of how product promoting portals should be like.

It has plenty of multimedia content, all sorts of information about the product, positive testimonials from previous customers. The site also includes a Frequently Asked Questions Section, answering all the common doubts of its visitors that you should visit if interested in the product. The possibility to buy the product is currently offered only from the United States because of shipment complications. All you will need is a valid credit card and you can order the product which comes packed with loads of extras instantly. eyeQ.tv

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Clavardon.com – Enhance Sales By Communicating Live

  • December 17, 2007

Clavardon.comClavardon.com is a tool that makes any site an interactive one.

Clavardon.com gives you the option of adding chat features to your site which can help enhance many aspects of communication on an ordinary site.Clavardon.com lets you add an interactive chat to your website so users can communicate with sales representatives or other site users that have similar interests. Clavardon.com also helps your site in the area of social marketing. The best way for a site to become popular is by having its users and customers do the promoting for you. With Clavardon users can invite their friends to join a website, get more exposure simply by giving your users a social network. Clavardon.com serves as a sales enhancer as well because users can schedule an online appointment with sales managers and obtain all the necessary information they need to buy a product. Besides being able to answer any of the questions your customers have by chat there is navigation control so can really be interactive and control each others navigation. You can customize Clavardon to suit your brand; add your personal logo, change font and color styles, change or add a different language. With Clavardon.com you can really cater to your customers in a way most sites cannot provide.

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Imwishlist.com – Internet Marketing Wish List

  • August 3, 2007

Imwishlist.comGot a website? Want to make more money from it without having to work so much? Then you should check what imwishlist.com has to offer.

Surfers may easily download imwishlis.com products for free, in order to start producing massive online profits along with other Internet marketers. The site offers “The Article Submitter” so you can submit your article to over 660 article directories worldwide, increase your Google rankings, and more. Or you may even download “The Directory Submitter” in order to get over 2, 000 quality website directory links, enhance your Google rankings, get 1 ways links, with 1 mouse click, among others.

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Preloadr.com – Enhance Quality of Flickr Photos

  • June 27, 2007

Preloadr.comI like this site – simple, straightforward and clean. Preloadr.

com cleans up photos that you want to upload to Flickr. All you have to do is use this site before sending the images to Flickr (this site is designed to pre-process photos, not post-process) and they will help you enhance the photos with several tools like cropping, sharpening, color correction and much more. Once you’ve optimized your photo you can set tags and write details like you do on Flickr. If you’re a Flickr Pro user, you can edit an existing image and replace the current copy with the new version. The whole site is that simple and easy. The question is: is that enough for any website these days?

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