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FreeRice.com – Brush Up Your Vocabulary and Donate

  • October 19, 2007


Are you concerned about world hunger and poverty? If that’s true, you can visit Freerice.com and learn about this page run by the United Nations World Food Programme. As you will see, the main goal of Free Rice is to help end world hunger and stop poverty, as well as to provide education for free through this site.

How will it provide education? Well, the main thing about the site is a multiple choice game in which users can play for free. If you play, you will donate automatically twenty grains of rice for each correct answer. So charity is made by taking some minutes to play and learn at the same time, because you will end up learning for sure about the subject in which you choose to play. And by the way, if you are one of those people who enjoy trivia games or crossword puzzles, you can became addicted to playing Freerice.com. There are quite a bunch of themes here to challenge your knowledge. English vocabulary is one of them, really useful for training yourself in new words and expressions. The same can be said for playing in “English Grammar“.

The language learning games include german, spanish, italian and french, so apart from enjoying yourself you may start to practice new languages. If you like geography, that section has games about flags of the world, or were you need to identify countries on the map or chose the right capital city for the given country.

Other game categories are “Math” and “Chemistry”. In the first one you’ll find multiplication tables and basic maths, whereas the latter includes trivia for chemichal symbols in basic or full list versions. If you’d rather play about subjects more related to arts and humanities you can choose “Literature” and “Famous Paintings”. If you like art you will like pretty much the chance to see a painting and answer who made it from the options provided.

This good idea exists thanks to the sponsors which appear on the site as you play. By visiting it you can read about how this donations work and how to participate in case you want your company to become a sponsor.

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