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BetUknow.co.uk – Let your Winnings Show

  • October 30, 2007

BetUknow.co.ukBetUknow is an Internet technology powerhouse set to provide English football supporters with a community-based prediction platform. BetUknow leverages the collaborative powers of the modern web to discover the true wisdom of crowds. They claim that the mass opinion is a powerful tool. The crowd can predict the outcome of any event better than a single professional. There is no real money here but Fantasy pounds and a free friendly competition between football supporters. Each user that signs up receives a virtual £1000 to place fantasy bets on real matches with live odds from real bookies. Once the user placed his bet he can then has access to everyone’s picks in a simple graph. The user also enjoys a personal performance graph that demonstrates his wining and loosing throughout the season.

Naturally, they grant very high incentives to the competition winners in the form of Amazon UK vouchers. BetUknow focuses on the English Premier league, The Champions league, UEFA-Cup & Euro 2008.

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