Best Cities For Startups In Britain

  • October 18, 2013

Every city in Britain boasts a range of businesses, from office-based service industry enterprises to the pubs and curry houses on the high street. But some cities have a predisposition to certain sectors, either for ‘organic’ reasons or thanks to Government initiatives. Where you start your business is rarely…

More – Consulting And Engineering Services For You

  • August 26, 2012

If you are looking for a great consulting and engineering service then you should look into Tetra Tech AMT and see their website Tetra Tech employs over thirteen-thousand people in three hundred offices worldwide has over twenty years of outstanding support to the FAA as a leading provider of consulting and engineering services specializing in infrastructure, aerospace, information technology and environment. They also provide critical information technology support services, including business transformation, identity management, information security, enterprise architecture, and enterprise software development.

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More – Engineering Services as APEC

  • August 19, 2012

If you need to add a new machine to your line, renovate your facility or add buildings to your campus, you should certainly consider a consultation with APEC. Associated Professional Engineering Consultants, Inc. is a company which offers a wide range of services to satisfy your engineering needs. These are all listed on and include installation of alarm systems, plant design, fail safe design,modeling, power distribution, PLC programming and more.

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More – Engineering And Architecture For Your Design

  • August 19, 2012

Engineering as well as architecture area a great trade and are skills that are used by many people for projects that they want to have built. If you are looking for a engineer or architecture then you should make sure that you check out the website and see all that you can find out about them. APD offers large firm experience along with qualifications and capabilities with the personal attention and lower cost that a small firm can give to their clients.You will discover at that they offer full service civil engineering and architectural services to the public as well as private sectors. From individual to specialized they have it all. You will learn that they have it all.

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More – Learning from the Expertise Of Engineers Past Present and Future

  • August 12, 2012

Engineers have been tasked with the responsibility of helping to shape the way that the rest of us see, work, and interact with the world around us. They are a group of individuals who have an independent mind, and an independent spirit, but who have also learned to work together in a team setting in order to tackle different projects. The site has been designed to help them do to do their job, and to train others to excel in this field.

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More – American Society Of Mechanical Engineers Excels

  • August 11, 2012 is the portal for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, an organization whose goal is to promote the practice, art, and science of engineering and related fields. There are several very interesting stories posted here about advances in technology lead by engineering in multiple disciplines, as well as a profile of the founder of Honda Motor, Soichiro Honda, who passed away in 1991. One of the articles discuss autonomous robotic farming tractors including one that is set to be deployed for this harvesting season. Another covers a new efficient thermal control system for cars that makes use of otherwise wasted heat energy that doesn’t use any extra hardware to achieve higher fuel economy. also has a story about how the use of nanotechnology could be used to combat diseases such as cancer, and in fact has an interview with a doctor who discusses a current use of iron oxide particles being used in research. There is a waste-to-energy conversion facility that is being considered for construction in Los Angeles, and would be using a new design for this type of process.

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Swiss Start-up Monitor And Alpine Entrepreneurs

  • June 21, 2012

If you want to study a nascent startup scene you turn your attention to… Switzerland? Great chocolate, neutrality, safe banking, and Roger Federer all leap to my mind if I’m asked to free associate on Switzerland. Can’t say startups made the list before. But while the startup scene might not vie for the most attention, like so many things Swiss, it does have a number of excellent qualities worth consideration.

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More – AED – Advanced Electronic Designs

  • October 10, 2011

Advanced.proFrom initial concept through manufacturing, the engineering team at can complete single project phases or entire programs. Advanced Electronic Design (AED) can help manage subcontractors or supply EMI testing for FCC pre-certification. The Advanced team can help with project definition, cost analysis, hardware design, firmware / FPGA design, quality and testing, and manufacturing. When it comes to manufacturing, the folks at can handle low volumes or work with other manufacturers to help streamline production and reduce costs.

Visitors to the website may browse AED’s portfolio, view a Brady Bunch Themed video introducing the Advanced Electronic Design staff, and read news and articles about the company. The Advanced site also features a “Floobydust” page which they claim is “a contemporary term derived from the archaic Latin ‘miscellaneous’.” Apparently some engineers at National Semiconductor came up with the term in the 1970s to mean “mixed bag” and that is certainly a great way to describe the Floobydust page on – it’s a mixed bag. From a webcam of the AED office to “Poem Wars” and “Jon’s Costco Ice Cream Challenge,” the Floobydust page offers hours? or at the very least, full minutes of entertainment.

On the more serious side of things, also offers detailed information about the services their engineering team provide, as well as their invitation to “Throw a seemingly unsolvable challenge AED’s way and they’ll thank you for the entertainment,” because, as the website goes on to say, “AED truly has fun doing serious engineering.”

Advanced Electronic Designs, Inc. is located in Bozeman, Montana, and they encourage visitors. Not only does offer their address, phone number, fax number, and email address, but it also supplies a map, detailed driving directions and contact info for local hotels.

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More – Evaluating Prospective Programmers

  • August 20, 2010

CodeEval.comCodeEval is an evaluation platform that can identify the best programming candidates from the hundreds that always submit their resumes to any engineering position which is listed online. In this way, employers are saved the struggle of having to sift through hundreds of resumes that don’t seem that different at all, and that don’t really give anybody a clear indication of who should be interviewed.

Well, this platform aims to offer a way out of that conundrum by asking all candidates to solve a programming challenge. By doing so, the best candidates will be singled out and you (as the employer) will know whose resume to take a closer look at, and (eventually) interview.

Challenges can be set up in a wide variety of languages – Python, C, C++, Java… the submissions are automatically graded as they are sent in, and each candidate will receive his very own CodeEval Score. Employers can then proceed to continue the recruitment process by focusing on salient candidates only, and being safe in the assurance they are dealing with the pick of the bunch.

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More – A Social Site For Female Science Adepts

  • January 4, 2010

Stemming.orgIt is certainly interesting to see the way in which specialized networking sites crop up. The appeal some of these have is too circumscribed to lead to a successful growth to some market-savvy spectators, but the one who launches such a website knows all too well that the site will have a limited yet highly-loyal following.

It is all part of the equation.

I am sure the ones who have released this social site thought about all this. Stemming is a community resource that is aimed at female science and technology enthusiasts, and the ones who are keen on engineering and mathematics are also taken into account. Users can not only share content and media though the site, but they can also take up the role of mentors and guide other members along the scientific pathway.

Ultimately, the site has the clear advantage of being on a field of its own. There is a public for initiatives of this type, and while it might not be a voluminous one it is certainly (and always) loyal enough for these sites to be viable.

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More – For Engineering Professionals

  • April 2, 2009

EngineeringDaily.netAre you an engineer and you want to learn more about the latest engineering news? In case you want to visit an online resource where you can find interesting information about engineering, this is the right place for you to take a look at. EngineeringDaily.

net provides attractive and relevant information about a wide variety of matters that specially concern to those working in the engineering discipline. The site has a usable content that is generated every day by practicing professionals.

This seems to be a revolutionary and unique website that gives the opportunity for practicing engineers to share relevant content with fellow engineers for the betterment of the profession.

The site is very clear when it comes to providing all the information you need in relation to the latest news, as well as discussions about a number of interesting issues. The site has an ethics code where to find the most relevant values that rule this resource. In case you want to get well informed about anything related to engineering, this seems to be a very good option for you to take a look at.

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More – Oil And Gas Industry Jobs

  • March 10, 2009

OilCareers.comThe Oil and Gas Industry is a very peculiar market. People working in this area need to be very skilled in order to perform their jobs in a very accurate and effective way.

Time is money when it comes to Oil and Gas, and these kind of professionals need to be very well prepared in order to achieve very demanding goals.

This site was created in order to make easier on companies everything that has to do with recruitment, and providing career related services in the Gas and Oil Industry.

If you are an experienced professional in this area, or you just need to get your first job after your recent graduation, this site gives is what you need to explore. In addition to this, gives you the security that all the information you send is going to be kept in a very secure way.

Therefore, this is a very convenient tool for both companies and professionals. The site has many options related to safety, documents control, finances, chemical engineering, geology, hydraulic engineering, and an enormous variety of other very interesting jobs on the Oil and Gas Industry. This is the site you should take a look at.

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More – Free Resources For Digital Designers

  • January 9, 2009

Cadyou.comCadyou is a free online resource intended to catch the attention of digital designers who are working with 2d and 3d models. These kind of designing files are usually applied for architectural projects, as well as engineering development.

The services this company provides are also useful in order to create and improve games, or actually to do extremely well by presenting interior design projects and much more.

All files you will find at this site are moderated, tagged, and easily searchable, and featured on large thumbnails so you know exactly what you are getting before downloading. Licensed under either Creative Commons licenses or Public Domain, this site is totally free. All common file formats are supported and there is already a large library of 3d models, cad blocks and high resolution textures.

There is also a section where you can get information about what is going on with the users experience by reading all their comments. This is an effective way of easily finding and sharing the high quality files needed by designers working with computers, for free.

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More – Richland Community College

  • July 28, 2008 is the online version of the Richland Community College, a comprehensive community college offering baccalaureate, technical, continuing education, and community service programs.

The College has an “Open Door” policy which allows anyone within the district that could benefit from a higher education to be admitted to the College. The purpose of a comprehensive community college is to serve all who then can serve to build a better society. Richland offers several degrees in its Baccalaureate/Transfer Program including an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Fine Arts, and Associate in Engineering Science. Furthermore, this site allows the college to have a closer contact with students and parents, providing them with useful information about programs, classes, and subjects, as well as allowing them to access academic information of their interest. At the homepage you’ll find the latest news at RCC, as well as a list of quick links that will lead you to the college’s Calendar, Course Schedule, Maps and Directions, and Campus Life, just to name a few.

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More – Welding Procedures And Techniques

  • July 27, 2008

WeldingEngineer.comWelding Engineering specializes in solving welding engineering problems, weld failure analysis, eliminating weld defects, soldering, brazing, expert witness services, and developing welding procedures. They provide procedure and techniques to solve your arc, MIG, TIG, laser, electron beam, resistance, or plasma welding procedures.

They provide solutions to steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, or titanium welding processes. You can explore the website by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. They also provide solutions to their customers’ industrial problems. Their principal engineer is available for failure analysis, accident investigation, root cause analysis of welding problems, and weld failures. He has received his masters’ degree from MIT and has more than 25 years of engineering experience. They can provide on site accident investigation, engineering assessment, product liability evaluation, and technical advisors to counsel, expert witness testimony, and evaluation of conformance to industry specifications. You can contact them for further details.

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More – Enhance Your Company’s Performance

  • July 24, 2008

Belcan.comFirst established in 1958, Belcan Corporation is an Ohio-based enterprise that has the aim of helping businesses get better results from their available resources. The company achieves this via different services, all of which are detailed online.

To begin with, Belcan offers engineering services with an emphasis on computer modeling and advanced manufacturing techniques to improve its clients’ output and manufacturing capabilities. On the other hand, the company has also made itself a name for its technical and temporary staffing services and multimedia solutions worldwide. The site itself is subdivided accordingly, and you can access the department in question in an easy way. The site also features a list of the industries that the company serves, and these include Transportation, Pharmaceuticals, Software and Aerospace & Defense to name just a few. For its part, job openings are listed in the section that is named “Employment”, and the benefits of working at Belcan are described along with the requirements for each position.

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More – Antenna Parts & More

  • July 16, 2008

DXEngineering.comThis online site offers all the information you need related to the wide selection of products offered by this business. It also includes general data related to DX Engineering and the services that they offer customers.

You will find a complete list of the different product categories such as vertical antennas, aluminium tubing, antenna parts, station operating tools and plenty of other products. By selecting the category that you are interested in, you will find several products with their corresponding images, descriptions and prices. Visitors will also find a section that offers information related to the new product releases as well as data about their special offers and sales. If you are interested in receiving further information related to the news related to this company and their specials you can enter your email address and obtain updated data. The site also offers useful information related to their employment opportunities, prize contribution rules and technical information. Visit this online site and learn about the products and services that this business offers clients.

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More – IT Pros Get Social

  • July 8, 2008

Zrc2.comNot got enough networking in your system yet? Not to worry, there’s always more to be had. One of the very latest and greatest of the bunch is the newly launched Zcr2, a social network for the IT and telecom community.

Yup, you heard right, networking for IT types. Despite, what you may think, they do have lives beyond the lonely backroom. Zcr2 is part professional networking tool, and part Facebook/Friend social community site. It’s both for business and pleasure, if you will. The site bills itself as a “one-stop shop” for IT professionals. It’s got everything you need to connect, network, as well as work histories, academic achievements, contacts and availabilities. You can, of course, like the rest of the social networking lot, create groups, discussions, forums, and search for jobs with the powerful search tool. You also get free email. The rest of it is free as well.

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More – Quality Machine Shop Tools

  • July 6, 2008

Newmantools.comDo you do have a workshop in your garage and need supplies or tools to get your latest project done. Maybe you are a professional that needs high quality tools and supplies for your machine shop? If the answer is yes then there is a company that has a web site on the internet that you might consider taking a look at.

The company is called Newman Tools and if you are interested you can learn more about there quality products at there online address of There web site is well designed with a good lay out. All the products that you might need are divided into clear sections within the well organized menu system. Each of the products on offer comes with a photograph, detailed description and specifications to help shoppers ensure they are ordering the correct item for the job they are doing. All products can be purchased by using the toll free number that is provided.

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