IllegalAliens.us – America’s Immigration Laws

  • July 30, 2008

IllegalAliens.usIllegalAliens.us, besides mocking the term undocumented, is an illegal immigration primer whose goal is to provide information on illegal immigration prevention, enforcement, and slow destruction.

IllegalAliens.us has committed to maintain links to National Sites and to State Organizations not only to save you time, but to admire the increasing number of sites that says a lot about their growing forces. You can explore the website by the categories located at the top of the homepage. Some of these categories are: Amnesties, Action, Atlan, Blogs, Concepts, Economics, Distortion, Disconnect, Facts and Myths, Illegal Alien ID Cards, Law, Merchandise, Most Wanted, Pictures, Numbers, Non-Discrimination, Report Illegals, and many more. You will find a simple, fast, and anonymous way to report suspected illegal aliens and suspected employers of illegal aliens to the appropriate U.S. government agencies. It takes only a few minutes to fill a report with these services, whereas it would typically take you several hours on your own to find the proper agency and complete and submit a report. IllegalAliens.us

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WhosARat.com – Real Life Real People

  • July 7, 2008

WhosARat.comWhosarat.com presents a database of informants and agents to assist attorney and criminal defendants.

Here, individuals and lawyers are able to share information that has been made public to at least one person before posting it in this site. Apart from this, you will be able to find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about the products and services that they provide. In order to access all of the different areas of this site you will need to become a member. For this you can enter any section of this site where you will be able to choose among the different membership plans with their corresponding prices. You will then need to enter you personal information, and payment option in order to continue with the process of application. So, if you are a defendant with few resources, this site can provide you a place where you will be able to investigate, gather and share information about a witness or law enforcement officer. WhosARat.com

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Remingtonle.com – Law Enforcement & Federal Agencies

  • June 10, 2008

Remingtonle.comRemington is a major American manufacturer of rifles, shotguns as well as other firearms, revolvers and ammunition. At remingtonle.

com you will find all the information about Remington law enforcement and federal agencies. Website features include; news and events, shotguns, ammunition as well as accessories, training, support, armoury among many other useful features. Other useful resources include; law enforcement, federal agencies, corrections, wildlife agencies, security and others. If you are interest you can sign up for their mail newsletter to receive the latest and greatest information from Remington right at your email inbox. While you are navigating through this site don’t forget to check the latest news about Remington available at the homepage of this site. Check out the new features which include Remington’s new military products and more. Visit the website to learn more about it. If you need further information you can contact them via email to email address provided at the contact page of this site. Remingtonle.com

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Fletc.Gov – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

  • May 30, 2008

Fletc.GovFletc.Gov is the official website for Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

The FLETC serves as an interagency law enforcement training organization over 80 Federal agencies. The center also provides services to state, local, and international law enforcement agencies. This Center is headquartered at Glynco, GA, near the port city of Brunswick. It also operate two other residential training site is Artesia, NM, and Charleston, SC. Export training and technology-based distributed learning are increasingly important methods of training delivery. These methods are used when the programs being taught do no require specialized facilities and/or when a geographical concentration of personnel can be identified. At the top of the homepage you will find some categories that provide more information about this center. These categories are About FLETC, Training, Student Info, Employment, News, and Reference. Its mission is to train those who protect their homeland, and they do it by providing fast, flexible, and focused training to secure and protect America. Fletc.Gov

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Botac.com – Tactical Accessories

  • May 29, 2008

Botac.comIf you are looking for law enforcement, military, and public safety supplies, you will find them at Botac.com.

Once on the site, you will be able to browse through the store’s catalog in order to find all the things you are looking for. There is a wide variety of items of various prices, so you are sure to find what you need in order to keep safe. The site works just like any other online store. Just create an account with your shipping and billing information. Once you are done creating an account, you can start adding things to your cart. Once you are done adding things to your cart, check out and you will be on your way to receiving all the great items you purchased. If you received any faulty items, you should read through the Return Policy section before you call the costumer service division in order to get it replaced. Botac.com

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Nles.com – Law Enforcement Products

  • May 5, 2008

Are you interested in buying some law enforcement supplies, either as products to keep and use yourself or for a business or company project? There is a company that is based in the United States and has been providing specialist law enforcement equipment, the finest custom identification products and clothing to its customers since nineteen eighty seven. NIC Law Enforcement Supply can be found at there dedicated web page, the address is www.

nles.com. From this well organized site you can find out all about NIC Law Enforcement and the products they offer. The sites menu has been very well constructed; it allows you to quickly navigate your way to the products you want. Each product comes complete with a photo, detailed description, pricing and customer rating. The shopping cart facility within the website makes buying multiple items easy; the site also has a secure payment processor making buying easy and worry free.

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Policeemployment.com – Police Employement

  • April 23, 2008

Policeemployment.comThis site offers information on all the different careers that are related to federal, state and local law enforcement. Here, different law enforcement organizations can advertise their jobs and people who are searching for them can find them.

The employees can select the candidate that best qualifies for the job by performing a series of application processes such as written entrance exams, interview, polygraph, drug screening test or background check among many others. Answers to questions that visitors may have on this subject are provided by this site as well. Policeemployment.com presents us with much information and can provide the reader with law enforcement and agency links to lots of related pages where you can find your perfect job. Also you can find information on how to tell if someone is lying and ground fighting. You can subscribe to receive a monthly newsletter on law enforcement by entering your name and email. Policeemployment.com

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