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More – Energy Saving Insulating Paint

  • May 29, 2008 s the world’s leading producer of energy saving insulating paint and house paint additives.

Now, with Hy Tech Sales you can insulate your home with a stroke of a brush. The online store depends on Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, which is a NASA Research Partner, and produces energy saving insulating paint and an insulating additive for house paints that will reduce your heating and cooling bills. Painting is now affordable, and so is energy saving. This is proven to save your money and improve your comfort. Hy-Tech insulating paint products are based upon our exclusive blend of insulating ceramic microspheres or “vacuum beads”, that are designed specifically for mixing into paints, coatings and composites to form a tight interlocking matrix which reduces conductive heat through the painted surface. Check the full list of products in the site, and order online. also teaches you how to paint your house with the best results.

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More – Corn Burning Stoves

  • May 28, 2008

AmericanEnergySystems.comAre you going to meet or beat the cold this winter? Winter can be the most awful season if you don’t have a stove that can warm you up in your house hold. How do you survive without a stove in your home? You surely wouldn’t enjoy arriving from the cold outside to find your house inside is at approximately the same temperature.

So, what’s the best deal you can get on stoves in your home? Well, electrical stoves can be very bad on the electrical bill at the end of every month. That’s why you have to go for wood fire heaters this winter around. Who’s the best in wood fire heaters? The best name in wood fire heaters is Magnum. The Magnum Company’s official website, offers you the best information and deals on wood fire heaters in your home. offers you the largest range of wood fire heaters for your home, including: corn, wood pellet, biomass burning, wood burning, and other great heaters. If you would like a quote on this type of heaters, or want more information on a wood fire heater, please visit now.

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Advice On Efficient Use Of Electricity

  • April 14, 2008

This site provides information and tips on how to maximize the efficiency of your electricity consumption at home. There are several energy saving tools that you can use online, such as an energy calculator, an energy comparison tool, an energy audit and an energy advisor.

In the Energy Saving Tips section you will find advice on the use of the oven light to check on progress when cooking or baking, the advantage of turning off lights, TVs and other appliances when not in use, etc. Under the tab Energy Educator there are several subsections: Energy Library, Zero-Energy Homes, Energy Policy Tax Credits, etc. Other major sections include New Homes, Heat Pumps and Water Heaters. If you fill out the site’s Home Energy Audit, you will be entitled to receive a free kit filled with items to help you reduce your electric bill. There is also a section on related links that you may find useful.

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More – How Green Are You?

  • December 26, 2007

GreenIQ.netGreen IQ lets you test whether you’re a true recycling, polar bear-saving, organic eating, eco-warrior or just an SUV-driving, keep-the-water-running-while-brushing, type of eco-warrior. Find out how your lifestyle rates by taking Green IQ’s Green Intelligence Quotient Quiz.

The multiple-choice quiz is based on the Government Sustainable Development Indicators. You’ll first gauge your present household efficiency, with questions like “If you have a car, which of the following best describes how often you use it?, or “Which of these energy saving methods do you most commonly use at home?” From there, Green IQ offers hundreds of tips and info on how you can improve your score in the future.

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More – Smart Way to Save Electricity

  • August 4, 2007

LocalCooling.comIf you’re like many people I know, you have a terrible tendency to leave your computer on constantly, turning it off only when it starts to misbehave. Even though we know this bad habit sucks energy and may contribute to the environment’s demise, it’s so much more convenient to leave the thing on.

Local Cooling helps you give your computer a break. The free download lets you set up automatic nap times, allowing your hard drive a needed respite. It will adjust the power settings on your PC to optimize its energy efficiency and then present you with the details of the gadget’s appetite for power. To keep you on your toes it adds up how many trees you can save simply by turning it off.

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