straycinema.com – Sick of terrible endings to movies

  • September 10, 2007

straycinema.comDid you hate the ending of the last movie you saw? Did you curse at the screen during the final credits? Well, if you think you can do a better job, here is your chance. Movie fanatics and digital art diehards can now live out their fantasy of constructing the perfect ending with actual film clips and footage provided by straycinema.

com. Creators of this website have already shot a film in New Zealand and need your help to finish it. By registering and downloading the footage, users can cut and paste together a two-minute ending and submit it to the original creators as a possible ending to the actual movie. Users can use their own editing software or the programs offered by straycinema. Beginners can follow guidelines and tips that are also provided. There is also a gallery of music that can be integrated into the film. Once the ending is completed and submitted, an online community will vote and months later a winner will be announced. As the grand finale, there will be a screening in New Zealand exactly eight months from the date that 30 submissions are received.

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