Endex.com – Engineering Consulting Services

  • March 11, 2008

Endex.comIf you need structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services, Endex provides design services for new and remodel projects like: schools, libraries, shops, garages, etc. The four different engineering services already mentioned are divided into categories, and by clicking on them you will get to see the different types of the projects offered.

Examples are provided for you to understand what each project is about and it includes images for you to have a general idea. In the construction management category, trained personnel will help you out and guide you through your project from scratch. Endex is continuously seeking for engineers, designers and support staff to work on construction systems, altogether with architects, owners, contractors, etc. If you are interested in the job opportunities offered you can send your resume to the email address you will find in the page. Endex.com

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