EndlessOcean.com – Endless Ocean Game For Nintendo Wii

  • April 15, 2008

EndlessOcean.comEndlessOcean.com is the official site of the newest game of the famous brand Nintendo.

This game was designed for the Nintendo Wii console so if you are the owner of one then prepare for the greatest diving adventure. At the site you can see sneak preview of the game so you can start enjoying the wonders of the game. The site offers you the possibility to download some wallpapers and screensavers so you can have the feeling of being in the ocean. At the explore section you can view some of the ocean species such as pyramid butterflyfish, humpback whale, clown anemonefish and manta ray among others. If you want to learn how to play the game and some cool moves then you should check out the game play section. There they will teach you how to swim, interact with animals, how to use the tools and learn some navigation skills as well. So if you want to dive then you should check out EndlessOcean.com. EndlessOcean.com

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