Gonnasphere.com – Share Your Plans

  • March 27, 2012

Gonnasphere.comSometimes, a word of support is all you need to make things happen. The most difficult of plans and projects can be completed if you just have someone by your side, encouraging you not to give up when the chips are down. And finding people who are supportive is really easy when you can use a service like Gonnasphere.

At its most basic level, Gonnasphere is a productivity tool that lets you share your to-dos and task with others. You can let all your friends know about these things that you plan to do, and get their encouragement. And they’ll also share theirs with you, so that you can help them along the way.

Besides, the site lets you see all the most popular to-dos in your city. Which is just great. I mean, I know many people who are motivated to do something only when they know that they’re not alone. I suppose they need the validation, that knowing lots and lots of people are moving in their same direction is what makes them try to get there with more determination than ever. If that’s the kind of person you are, then you wouldn’t find something more useful than Gonnasphere if you tried.

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GetUpp.com – Become Motivated And Succeed

  • April 4, 2011

GetUpp.comYou know how it goes. Left to your own devices, the more you try and try to become motivated to do something then the less inclined you feel to do it in the end. Motivation is something incredible complex. You could never, ever summon it into existence just by yourself. You are going to need someone on your side.

And that is something an application like GetUpp makes instantly possible. Generally, we could describe it as a tool that lets you commit to doing something, and encourages you to do it by publishing the outcome on your Facebook wall for all to see.

Technically, GetUpp is a location-based app. It verifies that you are keeping your commitment by checking where you are. This means that if you have committed to go to the gym every day after work, then this app will be able to verify you are doing it just by checking your location. If you fail to show up, then it is game over. And all your Facebook friends will know about it. And if you strive to keep at it, then they will also know it and support you as you go along.

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