Encomer.com – Learn More About Any Site

  • June 25, 2010

Encomer.comWe could define Encomer as a web information tool that will let you know everything about any domain at no cost whatsoever, and without you having to create an account or anything like that – Encomer is usable on the fly, by just anybody, anywhere.

What Encomer does is to crawl different websites in order to compile together dns information along with a wide range of domain-centered statistics.

Some of the data that is collated and displayed back to the user, then, includes the name and location of the servers and a full set of traffic statistics (daily reach, daily traffic trends…) Naturally, something as pivotal as the site’s ranking when it comes to Compete, Alexa and Quancast is provided as well, together with the number of backlinks that the site has got.

Website owners that want to quickly see how their sites stack up to the competition will be able to do so pretty quickly through a resource like this one. And the same can be said about anyone who is keen on knowing more about the infrastructures of websites for any reason or the other.

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