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QualityInfo.org – Oregon Employment Department

  • March 11, 2008

QualityInfo.orgQualityinfo.org is Oregon Employment Department’s web site.

In the page, you will be able to find information and job openings for job seekers, employers and students in Oregon. Statistics related to employment and unemployment is displayed on the site for you to check out and have an idea of what is going on concerning jobs. Whether you are a new user or you can’t the information you are looking for, you can get some help from the OLMIS guide. Articles containing the latest news and information regarding employment are provided for you to read and keep updated. If you are interested in trends, rules and services concerning a particular subject, you can search for them in the categories provided; business, careers, education, industries are some of them. In case you have any suggestions, questions or complaints about the site, you can write an email, and if you would like a reply you should type your email, address or phone. QualityInfo.org

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