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RiseSmart’s focus on finding 100K+ jobs has peaked enough interest to earn it 1.5 million in venture capital funding. A subscription based service that prescreens resumes to save time and ensure that only the most viable are interviewed, RiseSmart is part job board and part career coach. Each member is assigned a “Job Concierge” who takes care of matching member profiles to the most suitable jobs by using an automated search of the...

Read More – Find Work In A Hurry

Need to find a job post-haste, or looking to find an employee with similar urgency? It doesn’t always work to browse traditional job boards like Monster when time is of the essence. For this reason, IPSOJOBS provides a job board strictly for immediate job openings, many of which are therefore temp or on-call positions. You don’t need to sign up to use IPSOJOBS, either to post a position or to search/apply for one. Simple peruse the...

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