7Shifts.com – Employee Scheduling Made Simple

  • September 9, 2010

7Shifts.com7 Shifts is an Internet tool that can be used by employers who want to keep track of the availability of their staff. Those who decide to give this application a try (something that can be done for free) will be able to create and modify weekly schedules at will.

They will be able to move shifts around as they see fit, and have the new schedules delivered to their employees via SMS. That is, employees receive a text message as soon as the schedule has been created.

Of course, schedules can be created like this for the simple reason that the employees have submitted their availability before, and such information is always brought along when you are putting a schedule together.

Also, 7 Shifts comes complete with a message board that can be used by you and every member of your staff in order to ensure that communications are getting through.

And something that you are just going to love: when you create a schedule, you are actually presented with a break-down of how much you are spending.

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