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10 Ways To Offer Your Sales Team Awesome Incentives

  • July 5, 2013

Who doesn’t love to work towards an incentive? It helps keep up motivation, determination, and a little competition can always be healthy. Offering exciting employee incentives is a great way to keep your team doing its best, and the better the incentives, well, the more willing they’ll be to work towards…


Cltsloyalty.com – Loyalty & Incentive Travels

  • February 12, 2008

Cltsloyalty.comCarlson Leisure Travel Services is a company focused on providing companies with solutions for their employee incentive and customer rewards plans. The idea is quite simple: as many companies give leisure trips as bonuses to their workers and/or customers, and we all know that booking a trip, buying plane or cruise tickets and making hotel reservations can be a bit of a complicated affair, this company takes charge of the situation by controlling all the steps of the way by offering point redemption systems and customized travel Web sites, or by simply making all the travel arrangements upon the company’s request at a fixed rate, thus eliminating the financial risks involved in airline ticket price fluctuations.

Visitors of the site can find detailed explanations on the products and services on offer, and even take a look at case studies, to check out what Carlson Leisure Travel Services has come up with for previous customers, and see if there is anything that might fit your needs. Cltsloyalty.com

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