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4 Types of Worker Well-Being for Managers to Monitor

4 Types of Worker Well-Being for Managers to Monitor

A traditional management mindset suggests that work is for work. A sharp line is drawn between office productivity and worker well-being. Personal concerns should never impact a worker’s behavior in the workplace. In the office, everyone should behave professionally. Neither managers nor coworkers should become invested in one another’s personal lives. However, history has shown time and again that this mindset is neither possible nor...

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Presented by Genseq Ltd., Healthier Company provides a cost-effective manner for business owners to look after the health of those that they employ. It can’t be argued that a healthy subordinate is far more prolific, so that this solution is certain to interest those who are looking for ways of bolstering productivity. The provided product takes into account aspects such as metabolism and personal health history, and uses these as its...

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