Emp.ly – Promote Your Job Postings All Over The Web

  • August 13, 2010

Emp.lyEmp.ly enables people to promote their own job postings across the width and breadth of the Social Web.

You see, by using this platform it is possible to add incentives to any posting, so that others will be motivated to share them further on.

These incentives take the shape of $ 10 Amazon gift cards; these are raffled between all the people who share your original posting. And Emp.ly comes with full stats that will let you see just how effective everything is turning out to be, and whether these Amazon sweepstakes are drawing people in as much as you expected or not.

Three plans are currently available: “Basic”, “Premium” and “Magic”. The “Basic” plan is the free one, and it doesn’t come with any gift cards. It will merely let you promote your job postings over the Social Web. Gift cards are only available when you go for any of the other two paid plans. In any case, you can sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google handle. An Emp.ly account doesn’t have to be created.

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