Joy.ly – Adding Emoticons To Your Tweets

  • December 20, 2010

Joy.lyOne can look askance at these sites that let you send longer tweets, if only because they are degenerating the basic concept. If what you are sharing is not a micro message, then you are not tweeting. Any person who claims otherwise needs to revise his ideas a little.

This site, now, is one that actually stands as a true Twitter enhancer. Using it, you will be able to add emoticons to your tweets. If you are feeling happy, sad, confused, blitzed… now you will be allowed to have the corresponding face added to your message.

And now that I have used this site, it dawns on me that the lack of an official solution for doing this is more than disconcerting. I mean, emoticons make for saving even more space when one is typing a message down. By that reckoning, they should have bceome part of the tweeting experience a long time ago. They are germane to the concept of saying more using less space that characterizes Twitter. Well, it seems the wait is over now.

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ScreamAtTheWorld.com – Get Passionate Online

  • April 20, 2010

ScreamAtTheWorld.comI think we all can tell a similar story: more than a couple of times per day we feel like proclaiming something to the four winds. Such a need is born out of joy, out of boredom, out of the will to exact revenge… it all depends, but the need to communicate emotions in a truly passionate way is part of our daily lives.

And this site has been devised with the aim of letting us all voice these feelings. Because nine out of ten times, they come to us in contexts that make it impossible for us to actually express what we feel.

Well, the WWW is always safer and less notorious. Scream At The Wolrd maximizes that, and you not only get to post whatever you want, you have the chance to pick a color to go with the text along with the actual style of the font. That is quite interesting, actually, and something that I can see services like Twitter embracing some day – posts with a higher emotional charge.

I don’t have to tell you that the site is free to join and use. So, next time you are bursting with emotions and feel like letting it all out at head straight to this site and start typing away.

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Cuesense.com – Turn Opinions & Emotions Into Slideshows

  • February 8, 2010

Cuesense.comCuesense is a service that will let anybody scour both Twitter and the Blogosphere in pursuit of opinions or testimonials that relate that the service he or she provides. These can then be turned into a slideshow, and embedded on the site or blog so as to show potential customers where it’s at.

Each presentation comes complete with photos and a soundtrack that the one assembling it (EG, you) deems as suitable. Something like “We Are The Champions” or “Standing On Top Of The World” should do the trick.

Although I mentioned Twitter and blogs in the first paragraph, the system actually imports opinions and feelings from other sources like Friendfeed and news feeds on the whole. And when it comes to Twitter, Cuesense also looks at the statuses of users in order to assess the sentiment on the web. In each and every case, 11 different emotional dimensions are recognized, and these cover the gamut of human emotions from top to bottom. It is fair to say, then, that the impact of each and every site or product will be transposed accurately enough by this system.

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Emotify.com – Emotions & The Internet

  • January 25, 2010

Emotify.comEmotify is a new service whose aim is to come up with an emotional snapshot of the WWW. What does that mean? It allows users to submit and vote on content of every type such as videos, photos, blog entries and articles by emotion.

These include “Funny”, “Sad”, “Shocking”, “Upsetting”, “Frightening”… you get the idea. These emotions are then aggregated, and an emotional overview of the Internet is thus generated.

Note that you are not restricted to just the provided emotions. That is, if the way that a site makes you feel is not already supported you can have it added just by creating it yourself. You will also be able to share it, of course, but whether it catches on that remains a different story.

Additionally, Emotify doubles as a platform for the creation of media packages called EmotiPacks. These are collections of content put together by any user whose aim is to transmit a particular emotion from his vantage point. So, if you want to tell others why you are walking on sunshine you can do so. And you can also let them know if you really feel down and out. Maybe someone will lend a hand.

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Emote.in – Microblog The Way You Are Feeling

  • November 16, 2009

Emote.inA system like Twitter accommodates many uses. Conveying the way you feel at any given time is obviously one of them, but if for this or the other reason you want to share your feelings in a setting which is solely devoted to that, this new site will let you do it.

Initially, it is a microsharing site where you can let others know about what is going through your heart and head right on the spot. These updates go by the names of “Dots”, and they are not that dissimilar to tweets. One of the differences is that they can be accompanied by emoticons to illustrate how you feel.

When it comes to the way that information is displayed, a vertical notice list is employed, much like the one that is used on other microblogging sites. It is coupled with a scrolling timeline that displays a user’s lifestream on a horizontal canvas and provides the chance to go back in time, connecting the past and the present seamlessly. In this way, the site becomes something akin to a personal diary that anybody can read and ponder upon.

This website aims to provide the missing link in the way people communicate and connect online. Can it make it or not? Pay it a visit at the provided address and arrive at your own conclusions.

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Emotionr.com – Tell The World How You Feel

  • September 2, 2009

Emotionr.comPresented by Zallas (a Chicago-based software development company), emotionr is a brand new service that enables those who use it to chronicle the way that they are feeling over time. This is accomplished by recording, tracking and sharing their feelings with the rest of the world.

As regards the actual mechanics of the site, users rate their emotions by way of a sliding scale that goes from 1 to 10. Every member of the site simply matches his mood to an emotion icon that changes expression as the cursor is slid. In addition to that, a mini description can be provided in order for the user to tell everybody why he feels over the moon, or why he could use a shoulder.

One of the best things about the site is that right after saving an emotion, the user can view other people all around the globe who are feeling exactly alike. In this way, if you want to celebrate life with others you can do it easily, and if you want to wallow in misery you will be able to do it as well. To each his own, I guess.

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VOTEmotion.com – Emote it!

  • October 7, 2008

VOTEmotion.comVOTEmotion is a user run news site with voting based on emotions. On this site you can discover what is important, new, and popular on the internet.

Users control the site with link submissions and the power to vote. Instead of just voting up or voting down a link like on most other sites, you emote it. The way people emphasize importance on a link can be confusing. When a user votes on a link about a celebrity dieting, are they happy or sad? Does wiretapping making a person laugh or are they enraged? VOTEmotion helps to solve this flaw by allowing the user to express their emotions on a link. On the site you’ll find all sorts of news articles and other content on a vast array of topics, all of which are user submitted. Just click on the links and make your emotions known. In order to start casting your vote all you have to do is sign up at no charge. Register to vote and show what you feel. VOTEmotion.com

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Cymbolism.com – Linking Words, Colors, Mood, and Design

  • July 31, 2008

Cymbolism.comCymbolism is a funky, insightful online tool that links colors, emotions, and design. Colors compliment feelings that are derived from words.

Designers can take advantage of this effect by jumping onto the Cymbolism site and finding out which colors convey the emotions that they desire certain words to have. Users log on and cast their votes on color-word associations by selecting a specific color when they are provided with a word and its description. These votes are saved, and over time, users’ opinions and moods are quantified, hence providing designers with definite statistics on word-mood-color associations. These statistics can then be used in various design concepts.

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Extraordinaryhealth.com – Health Courses For You

  • May 8, 2008

Extraordinaryhealth.comThis site offers many courses that will help you maintain a healthier life. If you think you are in need of help to become a healthier person then maybe this site is your source to a better and improved life.

In this site you can read about the different courses offered which are about eating, dietary supplementation, exercise and body therapy, hygiene, toxins, emotional health and purpose. Some of the courses offered in this site are free, others are not. Either way, you will need to create a free account for yourself by entering your personal information. Once you’ve registered you will have access to free courses and also the weekly newsletter. If you would like to purchase some of the courses you can do so after having created your account as well. All the courses are thoroughly explained and the information is available for all readers of this site. You can purchase the course of your choice online in this site. Extraordinaryhealth.com

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1-love-quotes.com – Find Your Perfect Love Quote

  • May 2, 2008

1-love-quotes.comThe name of the website is a bit self-explanatory, but when I actually entered the site, I was blown away. “Love Quotes” has a lot more meanings than I imagined.

From kissing, to friendship, to pleasure (just to name a few), 1-love-quotes.com is an enormous resource to find the perfect love or emotion related quote that states your inner feelings. The search box at the top of the page allows you to search more specific quotes; but I truly recommend browsing through all the categories. You will be able to vote for your favourite quote, as well as going through all types of quotes (some cliché, some very original) posted by users or that were said by actors, comedians, philosophers, writers, and more. Don’t get deceived by the website’s name, though: 1-love-quotes.com features a whole lot of quotes regarding subjects that are not love, like emotions, God, risk, sacrifice, temptation, pride, and much more. 1-love-quotes.com

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Postsecret.Blogspot.com – Share Your Secrets

  • March 17, 2008

Postsecret.Blogspot.comWhat’s your secret? I’m not talking about your tactics or business strategy, but that kind of rather insignificant piece of information that can change for ever the way the world sees you, that kind of information no one would care to confess because it’s too embarrassing, but one still keeps private. For instance, if you knew that the home coming queen doesn’t feel pretty if she’s not wearing makeup, or your awfully friendly neighbour hates receiving people in their home, or that very confident people you know cut off the tags from their clothes to avoid other people knowing what size of clothes they wear, you’d certainly feel different about them, and now the have the chance to try it, because that’s the kind of secrets that this collaborative blog collects.

The idea is that people snail mail their secrets in a home made postcard, which gets posted in the site for one week (Sunday thru Saturday), and then gets erased for good, so that the words we say don’t make us prisoners. Mind that lots of the content available from this site is quite hard to deal with, not in terms of adult/non adult content, but just because you get to be a spectator of the grief and unconfessable truths, fears, regrets and rarities of the world one is not used to deal with. Postsecret.Blogspot.com also hosts video secrets, and has a Spanish version where the captions in the postcards are translated. Postsecret.Blogspot.com

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GladorSad.com – Your Photos Emotions Anaylzed

  • January 11, 2008

GladorSad.comGladorSad.com is a site where you can upload your photo and see which emotions you have in this photo.

GladorSad.com is easy to use. First you upload your photo and add tags and a description. Your photo is then added to the gallery where users can vote on it. The photos with the most votes are then analyzed. You can analyze the photos by playing the game. In the game you are given a photo and a question, you answer and they you can see if your answer is the most popular one. Are you sad or glad? Find out at GladorSad.com.

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JihadOnYou.com – Declare Your Holy War

  • October 8, 2007

JihadOnYou.comAre you sick and tired of governments having all the fun of declaring war on each other while we sheep just stand around and watch? If you are, go to JihadOnYou.com and declare your holy war.

While actual violence is frowned upon, Jihad invites the irked and angry to vent his or her complaints and “Jihad” on someone. To let it all out in a public post, users fill out a Jihad declaration form that includes a few short parts. First, state the name of ” the infidel” (who you are jihading). The next part lets users choose to send an email to the infidel by adding his or her email, if you dare. The third section is choosing the category that your Jihad fits into (options include big business, family, world, etc.). The fourth part if to write our your Jihad, then declare it. The form asks for your name (optional) and your email that will not be shown on the site. This is a great way to speak your mind and be anonymous about it. After a declaration, the post is available for viewing, commenting and rating by all site visitors. So, even if you have nothing innovative to vent about, you can just rip apart the complaints of others.

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Ventations.com – say anything anonymously

  • September 20, 2007

Ventations.comEveryone loves to vent and no one likes to listen to it. The clever person who realized how true this statement is created an outlet for venting, to let it all loose without irritating friends and family.

Ventation.com is a simple site where visitors can type up their gripe, rave or insane thoughts and post them for all to see. The site is absolutely anonymous even to the point where users do not have a screen name. It is so anonymous actually that there is no information about the whiners who created it. Bad words are allowed and there are no guidelines whatsoever, so if anyone has free time maybe they should see just how crass the posts can get before they start censoring. One special feature they have is that people who want to vent but don’t have a computer handy can text their ventation by phone. The idea is simple, the site is painfully simple and might provide some stress relief or at least some late night therapy.

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Ilovetocomplain.com – B*SH is the new four letter word

  • August 29, 2007

Ilovetocomplain.comDid you have a bad day? Are your friends and family sick of hearing you complain? If you answered yes to these questions then hurry up and post your B*SH at ilovetocomplain.com.

This is a wonderful site full of anger and humor and some potty-mouth language built by people just like you who need to vent and care enough to spare their friends. Ilovetocomplain.com is a simple website (that tries not to piss you off additionally) where users can make short posts that fall into one of three categories: life, school, and work. B*SH is a forum for daily venting and for discouraged people to read about how bad other people have it. The site allows for bad language, which, lets be honest, is the most important part of venting. The site managers ask that B*SHers keep their audience in mind and curse accordingly. For people who don’t really have anything to vent about, they can surf the site and get a chuckle or a slap of reality- the top 10 B*SH list is worth a look. B*SHing is anonymous and users can post as often as they like. Insult your boss, make fun of your little sister, vent about a sad illness and get it off your chest at ilovetocomplain.com.

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Vocalpoint.com – Mom’s informative playground

  • August 18, 2007

Vocalpoint.com is a soothing yet active site for moms.

A common problem moms face is the lack of a social network and people with whom to share the joys and pains of motherhood. Vocalpoint.com not only creates a community for moms to share and search, but also connects women who spend all of their time interacting with their kids, and not enough time interacting with their peers. On Vocalpoint.com moms are privy to cool insights about new and popular products and services that could be a positive addition to their life and the lives of their family members. Another awesome feature is that moms share their personal compelling stories with the community to spread motivation, share life-altering experiences, and ask for advice. Vocalpoint is also a safe place for moms to post messages, share photos, and attend focus groups to make their voice heard. Posts can be made publicly or can be shared within a smaller network of close friends. Moms now have a new playground where they can play, talk, cry, and belong. For moms who don’t want to hire a babysitter or who do not have time to run out and have coffee with a friend, Vocalpoint.com is a great compromise.

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