Emotify.com – Emotions & The Internet

  • January 25, 2010

Emotify.comEmotify is a new service whose aim is to come up with an emotional snapshot of the WWW. What does that mean? It allows users to submit and vote on content of every type such as videos, photos, blog entries and articles by emotion.

These include “Funny”, “Sad”, “Shocking”, “Upsetting”, “Frightening”… you get the idea. These emotions are then aggregated, and an emotional overview of the Internet is thus generated.

Note that you are not restricted to just the provided emotions. That is, if the way that a site makes you feel is not already supported you can have it added just by creating it yourself. You will also be able to share it, of course, but whether it catches on that remains a different story.

Additionally, Emotify doubles as a platform for the creation of media packages called EmotiPacks. These are collections of content put together by any user whose aim is to transmit a particular emotion from his vantage point. So, if you want to tell others why you are walking on sunshine you can do so. And you can also let them know if you really feel down and out. Maybe someone will lend a hand.

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