Emmbook.com – Saving Memories Forever

  • December 12, 2009

Emmbook.comEmmbook is a new iPhone and iPod app that will let you capture every single memory related to your baby and save it for posterity. In a certain sense, it is not that inaccurate to call it a mobile baby book.

Using such an app you will be able to set down just everything, from the time your little one was first introduced to relatives to his first steps. The way this is done is very intuitive, as each and every picture of you baby that you take is added to the Photo Book and you can then tap the screen to display the different images that you have added so far.

In addition to that, the app comes with some features such as a diary of feeding and sleeping and a tracker of “thank you” notes for the gifts your baby has received. That is interesting for sure, and it raises the VFM appeal of the whole package considerably.

When all is said and done, this is quite a fitting way to save your baby’s best moments without going overboard. Emmbook can be downloaded from the App Store at a price which is specified on the site, and you can also watch an introductory video in case you need some further information to make up your mind.

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