TheCarbonAccount.com – Track and Reduce Your Footprint

  • April 15, 2008

TheCarbonAccount.comIf you would like to live a greener life or help your friends to do the same, TheCarbonAccount.com is a new site you might find quite useful.

On this site, you can go beyond simply reading information on how to minimize your environmental impact. When you register and create your “Carbon Account” you can enter personal and household data and start tracking your personal carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is a common term used to describe the total amount of carbon emissions you are personally responsible for. You may be directly responsible (such as the fuel you burn in your car) or indirectly responsible (such as the carbon emissions resulting from production and transportation of the food you eat). TheCarbonAccount takes both types into account when calculating your footprint. This site goes a step further than most other carbon footprint calculators by asking you to keep entering information over time – such as gas meter readings, car mileage, or information about flights taken. TheCarbonAccount also has a Facebook App that was recently released.

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Dxing.com – Web Recourse for Radio Hobbyists

  • March 23, 2008

Dxing.comAre you a radio enthusiast? Do you rejoice at the sound of radio signals? Then this site is just what you’re looking for. Dxing.

com focuses on the science of DX, which is listening to distant stations. DX stands for Distant Xmitter (transmitter.) Located in Reynoldsburg, OH the Universal Radio Research collected tons of information about radio emissions and posted it online for free. Moreover, there are several free broadcasts you can tune in to and valuable information on how to start your own ham radio. The site is not only for experienced radio aficionados but for amateurs too, as there are several tutorials and guides. Furthermore, there are many links to other sites where you can learn even more about broadcasting and even download tuners for you to listen over the Internet, national emissions and overseas ones alike. What is more, the editor is friendly and encourages emails and suggestions while offering a helping hand to whoever needs it. Dxing.com

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