EmilyPost.com – Introducing Better Manners

  • June 24, 2008

EmilyPost.comAre you concerned about education and manners? Do you want advice and suggestions for raising polite children? This online site provides all the information you need to know related to The Emily Post Institute and the different ways in which it serves the American society. It includes a detailed description of its history, presenting a full timeline of the foundation, important events and occurrences related to this institution.

The site includes data about books from the Emily Post Institute that offer smart ideas for stylish parties, and guides for helping to introduce good manners to little children. You will find a wide selection of other books with different contents including essential manners for couples, wedding etiquette, entertaining as well as other related topics. Visitors will also find useful information related to etiquette seminars and table manners programs for children. Visit this online site and find all the information you need to know for improving manners and politeness. EmilyPost.com

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