Emergency Medical Identification


LifeTrackLLC.com – Securing Your Medical Data

  • July 10, 2008

LifeTrackLLC.comLifeTrack LLC has developed a software and flash drive that lets you carry all of your important health records, along with financial and legal information. This way, with Lifetrackllc.com you will have the chance to securely store information that you may need if an emergency occurs.

If you want to carry with you all your health records in case of an emergency, Lifetrackllc.com offers a software and flashcard that collects your medical history, digitizes your records and places them on the card. This emergency medical identification card also be used as a two gigabyte flash drive, where you can store not just health records but also legal documents.

Emergencies just happen, so, if you want to be prepared, make sure to visit Lifetrackllc.com. This website offers a company that offers a secure card that can storage your health records and legal information and documents. In addition, you can use this card as a flash drive.

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