oEmbed.com – Open Format for Embedding Media

  • May 10, 2008

oEmbed.comAlthough the website is minimalistic to a fault, oEmbed is a handy tool. It allows users to embed media on a website through posts with direct links.

It’s an open format which basically standardizes formats—video, picture, etc—bypassing the media’s API which means no parsing is necessary. So any link is turned into XML or JSON for easier embedding. Currently, Viddler, Pownce, Flickr, Qik and Revision3 are sites using oEmbed. Users can test it out for themselves using Viddler’s test form created specifically for that purpose. oEmbed makes accessing various formats much simpler. Users can simple post URLs to a site which in turn doesn’t have to go through the trouble of sorting through numerous different API’s.

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Myfabrik.com – Online Storage, Widgets, and Embedding

  • May 18, 2007

Myfabrik.comIf you enter Dpsi.com, you will find information about the maintenance management software and services, offered by DPSI. On this site, facility managers can learn about the available software for maintenance management, as well as training and consulting services for facility maintenance. Then, if you are interested in buying this maintenance management software, keep this site in mind.

Do you want to improve your company maintenance activities? If that is so, Dpsi.com could be a useful site for you to visit. By browsing through the site, you can find data about this company and its maintenance management software products. Additionally, this company also offers implementation assistance services to help you plan your facility maintenance activities.

Remember this site if you are looking for facility maintenance services and maintenance management software. Take a look at Dpsi.com and check the different consulting services, in addition to software applications for your facility maintenance needs.

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