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  • November 13, 2008

Pinpointe.comPinpointe is a hosted, on-demand email service provider. The company services the emerging mid-market segment of B2B companies that need more than basic email marketing, but don’t yet have the budget, resources or need for a full function, expensive marketing automation product.

Pinpointe is one of the only vendors focusing on this emerging mid-market.

Pinpointe’s on-demand email marketing system empowers B2B marketers to target and personalize their communications, based on prospects behavior, interests and characteristics. Pinpointe helps marketers nurture and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team and analyze results with reduced marketing effort.

Pinpointe’s robust solution is backed by professional services to help companies guide through best practices, and deliver better results. Pinpointe includes more sophisticated functionality and services, such as behavioral based targeting, detailed campaign statistics and reporting, and CRM connector.

The company also provides database services to help B2B marketers grow their prospect list while remaining CAN-SPAM compliant, and email marketing consulting to help companies improve email marketing results.

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More – Email Service Provider

  • December 16, 2007

PostPublisher.netThis website is about a company that presents itself as a leading email service provider. It says it is the easier and most effective digital marketing tool on the net.

They offer tools for developing and strengthening online customer’s relationships. Their products and services are a tracker, where you can track and analyze campaign results in real-time; a dialoguer, to define a set of follow-up actions; a scheduler, to schedule one-time and recurring campaigns; a segmenter, to segment your audience and target your content. This is not all, also, more opportunities, such as to easily create and update marketing communications and to create rules to dynamically personalize messages. So, if you mean to take charge of your digital marketing, just visit this site.

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