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  • July 1, 2009

Kukoo.comA fact is a fact – we just can not live without e-mail. Most of us can’t actually go more than a couple of hours without checking it out.

Kukoo is a new productivity tool which is specially geared towards power users, and that lets them prioritize the messages that matter. Moreover, the system lets others know when they should expect a reply, and the annoying (and common) train of follow-up messages is avoided. An option for temporarily disabling specific addresses is likewise provided, and you can use it to let other know that you will not be reading e-mails at all.

Kukoo’s implementation entails setting rules for each claimed address, and these rules are created on a daily basis. You decide what will happen each day of the week beforehand.

Forthcoming features will include automated rules for the labeling of contacts as “popular”, based on how often the person emails you.

Ultimately, Kukoo will stand not just as a productivity tool but also as a positive step towards establishing a well-defined sense of etiquette when it comes to e-mail. That is so because it lets anybody know when you are reachable in a polite context and setting.

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