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Create Astonishing Email Campaigns With This Fun Service

  • April 30, 2014

Email marketing is one of those necessary tasks that no one really likes to do but everyone knows they have to do. An effective email marketing strategy can push your business from “okay” to “killing it” but how do you get your company to that awesome point? Obviously no one is born with an innate understanding…


Tap Into Higher Conversion Rates With Drip

  • November 6, 2013

Having customers slip away (drip) is as agonizing (drip) as trying to sleep (drip) with a leaky faucet in (drip) the house. (drip) Your attention locks on the (drip) sound. Sleep becomes (drip) impossible. (drip) Hopelessness sets in, followed (drip) by madness! “Ahhhhh!” Clearly this is a horrible way to…

More – Monitore your campaign

  • February 13, 2008

Campaignmonitor.comIf you are one of those that are worried about their campaigns, about their monitorance of this ones?. We all know that a company wants to have the control over the design of its campaign.

Maybe you do that , but there is always a problem, something is always missing. They have an in-house tool that manages email campaigns for some of the country’s biggest companies. Anyway , a lot of web design firms were doing the same and having the same problems this company had at its begin so they began to release the product with new features but with the same aim as others. Now is best email marketing tool for web designers. They are famous companies that are using they software, like macdonalds, apple, ebay, intel and many others as well as importat as this ones. So if all this companies are using this, it should be important dont you think?.

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