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More – All Your Email Accounts One Window

  • May 28, 2008

Zenbe.comAre you annoyed with having dozens of windows open at once just so you can check all of your email accounts and social networks? Zenbe is a service where you can access all of your email accounts from Gmail to Yahoo, at one place from any computer. Zenbe is add free which makes accessing your accounts easy and free of distractions.

Instead of having to open countless windows and applications you can see your agenda, calendar, chat with friends and see what’s going on in your social network at one place. You can also collaborate with friends or business partners on projects by sharing: maps, slide shows, documents, videos, RSS feeds and more. Your friend doesn’t have to be using Zenbe, they can be any type of contact and when you they update a communal document you can see the changes. All of your content is easy to locate with Zenbe in fact you can organize, sort and categorize your inbox so that it is exactly how you want it. Open just one window and get all of the information you need with

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